Volx, Dire Wraith Queen

Real Name: Volx
Aliases: Queen of the Dire Wraiths
Identity: Unknown To General Population of Earth
Occupation: Alien Being
Citizenship: Not Applicable
Place of Birth: Wraith World
Known Relatives: Said to be the mother of the entire Dire Wraith race.
Group Affiliation: Dire Wraith
First Appearance: Nova (Volume 2) #17
History: Somewhere, deep in the Andromeda galaxy, there was a section of space simply known as the Dark Nebula. It is here that the Dire Wraiths lived, until one day, a ship from Galador entered the Dark Nebula, and the Dire Wraiths attacked it, and slaughtered all aboard. The Dire Wraiths took the ship, and returned to Galador, in an attempt to assault them and slaughter more of their kind. However, the Galadorians fought back – many of them, sacrificing their humanity to become Space Knights – the most well known of them, called ROM made it his personal mission to hunt down, track, and destroy any remnants of the Dire Wraith.

On Earth, ROM had met and sided with the likes of the Avengers, X-Men, and several others, in his battle against the vile race of Dire Wraiths. Among the Dire Wraith, was the self proclaimed Queen of the Dire Wraiths – Volx. She had made her way to Xandar, home of the Nova Corps, who had assisted in the battle against the Dire Wraiths. Murdering one of the Xandarians, as Dire Wraiths do, using her forked tongue to pierce his mind, and assume his form, she began her flight to Earth. This brings her in contact with Garthan Saal and Nova, who after a brief fight, she manages to escape from. Saal tracks Volx down, but is defeated and brought to a base hidden in the mountains by Volx. The New Warriors track down Saal’s energy signature, which brings her in contact with the New Warriors, who recognizes the Turbo costume as one that formerly belonged to her sworn enemy – and former ally of ROM – Torpedo. The ensuring battle with the New Warriors results in the entire base exploding, and the New Warriors manage to escape; believing that Volx has died in the explosion. However, she is seen, in the form of wildlife, just outside, and escapes.

Volx murders and takes the form of a city editor of a San Francisco newspaper, and begins using this time to research what she can about the New Warriors, and how the Torpedo armor has come into their possession. Volx manages to track down the Torpedo armor through it’s previous owner – Brock Jones – through his cousins, the Jeffries family. She adopts the form of Brock’s son, Dan Jones. As Dan Jones, she is able to enter the house and speak with Mike Jeffries. Once she has Mike alone, she uses her Dire Wraith tongue to spike Mike in the head, killing him, and taking up his form.

As Mike, Volx tells Mickey Musashi, who has the armor, that he needs to speak to her, because he has run into Dan Jones. Volx, as Mike, returns to the New Warriors base, where he is surprised to see the other members of the New Warriors gathered around, discussing what they should do about the Torpedo/Turbo armor. Volx, as Mike, manages to convince the New Warriors, that he should be allowed to wear the armor again, while he goes and gets Dan Jones. The New Warriors agree, and Volx reveals her true identity, once she dons on the Torpedo/Turbo armor.

Volx then escapes, interfacing with Power Pack’s Kymellian Smartship, Friday. Garthan Saal summons the New Warriors onto his battleship so that they can formulate a plan. During this time, Volx steals Forge’s Neoneutralizer, which is a larger version of ROM’s Wraith-Banishing weapon used to send Wraith’s back to Limbo. Garthan Saal is able to track her down, despite using Friday’s cloaked technology and downs the ship so that it crashes back on Earth. Volx uses the power of the Torpedo/Turbo suit in ways that none had thought possible; such as scrambling the powers of the New Warriors. Just as Nova (Rich Rider) seems as though he’s about to die, Night Thrasher, Kymera and Rage show up and engage Volx in a fight. Garthan Saal attacks Volx, and sacrifices himself, which feeds the Nova Force back into Nova (Rich Rider). Thanks to Timeslip, when the oversized weapon does overheat, it only impacts the heroes present, and does not extend to the whole world. Night Thrasher jumps on Volx, extends his blade, and plunges it into the back of her head, apparently killing her.

However, years later, Volx would be seen again, banished to Wraith World, which was held in the banished Limbo. A Skrull (named Klobok) used his reality cutting power to rip the Wraith’s black sun from the Dark Nebula, which allowed the Dire Wraiths to return. Volx appeared once again, and blasted the Galadorian Queen in the back. This caught the attention of the newly assembled team, the Annhilators – which included Silver Surfer. She was unable to use her tongue to penetrate Silver Surfer’s skin. The Annihilators took Volx back to the Banished Limbo dimension of Wraith World, where Immortus showed up with his legions. Silver Surfer and the Annihilators protected the Dire Wraith – even Ikon, one of the newest Space Knights, defended Volx.

Klobok used sorcery to try and manipulate events further, but Volx struck him with her tongue, and the two seemingly perished as the spell collapsed upon them.

Height: Not Applicable (Changed Based On Assumed Form)
Weight: Not Applicable (Changed Based On Assumed Form)
Eyes: Red (Naturally), Not Applicable (Changed Based On Assumed Form)
Hair: None, Not Applicable (Changed Based On Assumed Form)

Powers: As a part of the Skrull heritage and race, Volx was able to quickly transform her body to mimic other living things. She could also use her barbed, razor sharp tongue, to devour the brains of victims, and gain their shape, as well as their memories. Like most Dire Wraith, Volx also possessed a form of sorcery and magic.

Accessories: None