Power House

Real Name: Alex Power
Aliases: Gee, Destroyer, Powerpax, Zero G
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States Citizen with no criminal record, still a minor.
Place of Birth: Richmond, Virginia
Known Relatives: James (father), Margaret (mother), Jack (brother, aka Mass Master, Counterweight), Julie (sister, aka Lightspeed, Molecula), Katie (sister, aka Energizer, Starstreak), Roy Craig (grandfather)
Group Affiliation: Power Pack, formerly New Warriors
First Appearance: (as Gee) Power Pack #1, (as Destroyer) Power Pack #27, (as Powerpax) New Warriors Vol.1 #47, (as Powerhouse) New Warriors Vol.1 #64, (as Zero G) Power Pack: Peer Pressure #1
History: Alex Power was the oldest child of Dr. James Power, a physicist who worked for the United States government on a means of producing large quantities of energies cheaply through combining matter and anti-matter. (The subatomic particles composing anti-matter have opposite charges to those of the equivalent particles of matter itself. When matter contacts anti-matter, both are converted entirely into vast quantities of energies.)

An alien Kymellian named Aelfyre Whitemane (nicknamed “Whitey”) learned of Power’s discovery and intended to stop it. Whitemane knew that a device such as Power’s would, despite Power’s good intentions, trigger a chain reaction that would destroy the Earth. Moreover, he knew that Power’s device was sought by alien Z’nrx, nicknamed “Snarks,” who intended to use it to conquer inhabited worlds.

Alex PowerWhen Snarks captured Dr. Power and his wife Margaret, intending to force him to reveal the secret of his device, Whitemane saved the Powers’s children, Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie, from being captured, but he himself was fatally wounded in the process. Dying, Whitemane transferred a different one of his superhuman powers into each of the four Power children, and asked them to use their new abilities to save their world.

Alex received the power to control gravity, and called himself Gee after the common scientific abbreviation for gravitational force (“G”). The four children called themselves the Power Pack. Power Pack thwarted the Snarks, rescued their parents, and destroyed Dr. Power’s dangerous matter/anti-matter converter, thereby saving the Earth from destruction. The four children have since continued to have adventures as Power Pack, assisted by Whitey’s Kymellian Smartship, Friday.

Alex as a member of the replacement Warrior team. Some time later, Alex was contacted to help save the New Warriors from the Sphinx. For this adventure he was convinced to absorb the powers of his siblings and help the Warriors as Powerpax. After the adventure, he returned his siblings powers and promised not to steal them again. But soon after the Warriors needed his help again, and he broke his promise. This time, however, he realized how dangerous it was for children to be superheroes, and decided not to give his siblings their powers back, to his family’s chagrin. Instead, Alex continued with the New Warriors, changing his codename to Powerhouse out of guilt about the fate of Power Pack. He shared many adventures with the Warriors, but after the team allowed the Smartship Friday to be severely damaged to stop Volx, he quit the Warriors and gave his family their powers back. Retaining the gravity-control power, Alex renamed himself Zero-G and has returned to adventuring with his brother and sisters.

After the events of Civil War, Alex Power is one of the 142 registered superheroes who joins the Fifty State Initiative and begins training at Camp Hammond. When Alex turned 19 years old, he joined Reed Richard’s Future Foundation, which is a group of highly gifted children, including: Valeria Richards, Artie Maddicks, Bently Whiteman (a young clone of The Wizard), Dragon Man, and children from both Moloids and an older Atlantean City.

Height: 5’1″
Weight: 93 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Powers: Powerhouse can negate the force of gravity on himself and on other living beings and objects through anti-gravitons. (Gravitons are subatomic particles which carry the force of gravitational attraction. Anti-gravitons are subatomic particles that are the counterparts to gravitons, but have an opposite charge.) In order to reduce the pull of gravity on an object or a living being other than himself, Powerhouse must be in physical contact with object or being. When Powerhouse uses his power small black rectangular marks often appear on his forearms and lower legs (or, if those portions of his body covered by clothing, on the parts of his clothing covering his forearms and lower legs) and sometimes on part of whatever object he is touching and using his power on. The limits of the amount of mass on which Powerhouse can successfully use his power are not yet known. However, he has succeeded in negating the force of gravity on his father’s matter/anti-matter converter, an enormous object weighing many tons, enough to carry it many stories above the Earth’s surface.

Powerhouse can control the extent to which he reduces the pull of gravity enough so that he can hover above the Earth’s surface at the height he desires, and not simply keep on going upward into outer space. Apparently Powerhouse can also increase the pull of gravity on himself through generating gravitons. In his first clash with the Snarks, Powerhouse thus successfully resisted the pull of a Snarl tractor beam that had a force equivalent to six times Earth’s gravity. However, as yet Powerhouse has seldom used this power to increase the pull of gravity, and it is unclear whether he can use this power to increase the force of gravity on living beings and objects he touches.

Presumably as Powerhouse grows older the extent of his powers and his mastery of them will increase. In addition, the members of the Power Pack can heal themselves by sharing their life forces with one another.

Accessories: Powerhouse often wears artificial wings under his arms which enable him to glide on wind currents when he uses his anti-gravity power on himself. Alex wears a special costume made of unstable molecules created by the Kymellian smartship Friday. The costume can be invisible and intangible, but will materialize on Powerhouse when he wills it to do so.

Note: Powerhouse has the use of Friday, a Kymellian Smartship formerly partnered with Whitey.