New Warriors Annual #2

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New Warriors Annual - #2

The annual opens up with Spider Man, Night Thrasher, Nova, Firestar, Namorita and Silhouette being captured by Sphinx. Speedball is in another containment center, where we learn that Sphinx is using Speedball’s kinetic energy. Within the containment center Speedball’s body is completely contorted.

It seems rather hopeless for the New Warriors, until Speedball realizes he can recall the power back into him – then expands it, destroying the container that holds him. The explosion also shatters the container that is also holding the New Warriors. The New Warriors try to capitalize on this opportunity, however, Sphinx continues to use the power he had absorbed from Speedball against the Warriors.

The Sphinx makes quick work of the Warriors, and Spider Man tells Firestar that they had better escape. Quickly the two of them retreat and find Speedball who had been battered away.

The scene shifts to Sphinx dressed in a uniform, surrounded by a number of villains including the likes of: Rhino, Constrictor, and Speed Demon,among others. Sphinx reveals that he is uncertain how he returned, and the captured Nova explains everything that had happened with the female Sphinx (see New Warriors #11 through #13 for more details on the story).

The scene shifts again to Spider Man, Firestar and Speedball, who realize they must quickly rescue the other Warriors. So bursting with incredible power, Firestar begins unleashing her power, destroying all the equipment; and still explains that she’s holding back. Speedball in the meantime frees the other Warriors from containment.

Silhouette convinces Stiletto, Constrictor, Rhino, Hydro Man, Speed Demon and Bombshell to help the Warriors against Sphinx, just as they’re fleeing. Although it proves to be a fruitless battle against the Sphinx.

It’s not until Speedball realizes he must do the same thing he did in order to escape the containment cell. Grabbing a hold of Sphinx, he begins absorbing all the power of kinetic energy back into himself. There is a massive kinetic explosion, and the Sphinx is gone, leaving the dazzled Warriors to ponder where Sphinx is – and when and where he will return.

Sub Stories Include: Speedball’s countdown to the top ten list of villains, ne’er do wells and geeks. The list begins with Thinker and Primus; then Forces of Nature; then Star Thief; then White Queen and the Hellions; then Terrax; then Sphinx (both of them); Psionex; Folding Circle; Tai and finally Mr. Hinkerson, Speedball’s Algebra-Trig Teacher.

Another sub story: Firestar deals with the depression of Vance being in jail for the manslaughter of his own father. When she gets home, her father appears depressed but reminds her that she must remain optimistic about life. And when she asks why her father is depressed, he explains the plant he works at had a massive lay off. Firestar tells her father the same advice that he had just told her; to remain optimistic and good things happen to good people.

Another sub story shows us how Nova met Laura, during an automobile accident where she rear-ends the truck that Rich is driving.

Another sub story brings Silhouette to Freedom Four Plaza, where she returns her outfit to Reed Richards, explaining she only just recently learned that the uniform was made of unstable molecules and the patent was obtained illegally. Richards explains that she can keep the uniform and that he will gladly outfit the Warriors as long as they do it for all the right reasons.

Another sub story has Speedball coming home with his parents fighting, and explaining to Speedball that they have decided to get a divorce; leaving him with the difficult choice as to who he will chose to live with when they separate.

The final sub story deals with Namorita and the court sessions with Jeremy Swimmingbear, better known as Sea Urchin; the man who beat Namorita nearly to death. During a break, Namorita is approached by Mr. Barrenos and Mr. Shaunneghan who propose that Project: Earth and the Warriors team up. When Namorita declines, they ask what would she do if the law was not enough to deal out justice as it should? Namorita tells them that she is not worried about it. However, when the Judge claims there is not enough evidence to find Jeremy guilty, Namorita returns to Mr. Barrenos and Mr. Shaunneghan and gives them her number.