Nova #4 (V2)

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Nova #4 (V2)

The issue begins with Rich Rider moving in with Bernie and Caps when suddenly his cell phone rings, which means it should be a job offer. Excited, Rich Rider takes off as Nova and is blasted in mid-air by someone in a similar outfit, except it’s silver and blue, rather than gold and blue, claiming to be Nova 0:0.

Nova 0:0 tells Richard that he’s there to make sure that he’s better than he’s ever been; better than he could ever think he could be. Nova gets blasted and ends up twenty five miles away; surprised, since it did not feel like he was blasted or pushed that hard.

Before he can think further, he’s blasted again and told that he isn’t good enough. When Nova protests, Nova 0:0 asks if he thinks how he handled Tailhook was good enough; or if he was good enough, how was he so easily duped by Corruptor; or if he was good enough, how was he not able to avoid his blast.

Nova 0:0 reveals that he’s from Earth, and suddenly Nova becomes fearful that he’s about to be replaced. Nova 0:0 assures him that he’s not there to replace him, but instead, help him. Nova argues that perhaps he can’t do what’s expected, to which Nova 0:0 assures him that if he fails he will hear children screaming for their parents, he will smell the flesh of billions of lives burning, and that the death of every living creature on Earth will be Nova’s fault. Nova in turn reacts by throwing a railroad track down on Nova 0:0 shouting that he would never let such a thing happen.

When Nova begins digging for him, he’s surprised to suddenly see Nova 0:0 standing behind him; and strike him with enough force to make his costume nearly melt from his body. Nova 0:0 grabs Rich and says, “See what it costs to fail.” And shows Nova the world in which failure led to the destruction of the planet, with billions dead and dying – a world, his world. Before Nova can find out more, Nova 0:0 flies off.

The issue ends with a prologue of Bird-Brain having the vulture from the previous issue in a machine saying, “You man to bird, now you bird to man.” And Bird-Brain throws the switch.