Night Thrasher #18 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #17 (V2)

The issue opens up with Night Thrasher free falling through the sky, recalling what led him to where he was now. It flashes back to his discussion with Nick Fury who explains that in the country of Azania, a racist faction known as The Supremacists was ousted by Black Panther; but that hole in power was filled by General Oostkamp, who felt that suppression should be distributed equally to black and white and anyone who didn’t bow to him. Fury also explained that S.H.I.E.L.D. hoped that the Supremacists and the government of General Oostkamp’s men would wipe each other out – however, the American Ambassador for Azania and his family were marked for death by the racists – and that it would be up to Night Thrasher to get them out alive.

Night Thrasher lands and meets his contact who provides an explosive diversion, allowing him to sneak into the area in which the American Ambassador is holed up. Night Thrasher fights some resistance and meets up with another contact within the building. They reach the American Ambassador and escort him out through an escape passage. However, during their escape, the first person that Night Thrasher encounters from The Supremacists super team is none other than Commander Blaze, essentially a human flame thrower.

Night Thrasher takes a direct hit from Commander Blaze; his armor enduring the hit, but the heat nearly finished Dwayne. As Commander Blaze and Night Thrasher tussle, the fight is interrupted by none other than Black Panther himself. With the defeat of Commander Blaze, they are joined by Black Panther and make their way to their ship. Aboard the ship, Night Thrasher finds himself attacked by two more members of The Supremacists – Hungyr and Harrier. The plane crashes – with everyone escaping harm. Night Thrasher and Black Panther defeat Hungyr and Harrier and manage to safely escort the American Ambassador to safety.