Night Thrasher #4 (LS)

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Night Thrasher #4 (LS)

The issue begins with Night Thrasher returning to Manhattan to find Gai No Don after learning the truth behind all the lies. From the roofs of Manhattan, Night Thrasher spots the people he’s looking for – the Poisoned Memories Gang.

Taking out most of the Poisoned Memories Gang members single-handedly, slamming one of the members against a wall and asking if they had abducted Andrew Chord from the Mt. Sinai Hospital, and the gang member confesses. Night Thrasher manages to get the location to where Andrew Chord was taken; on top of the Han Chi Restaurant.

As Night Thrasher heads for Gai No Don, he ponders why he’s even trying to save Chord after all he had done previously. He questions whether it’s to try and forgive him, or simply because he needed his signature to keep the Taylor Foundation in his name. Gai No Don had said that Night Thrasher would not see this through until he had gained control over; Strength, Money, Power and Compassion. Three of those Night Thrasher had managed to accomplish.

When he reaches the Han Chi Restaurant he is surprised to find that the hospital bed that held Andrew Chord is empty, and is rather surprised to see he’s confronted by none other than Silhouette Chord. When Night Thrasher manages to refrain her, she tells him that Andrew Chord is safe for now and that Night Thrasher must do what he originally set out to do; gain control of his life.

Dwayne Taylor later invites Mr. Rosen and Father Janes and invites them to become members of the Taylor Foundation Board after explaining that Eve Magdalene and Trevor Madsden had “resigned” from the Taylor Foundation Board.

Night Thrasher tracks down Gai No Don and finds that he’s surrounded by members of the Poisoned Memories Gang. Night Thrasher breaks in and easily takes down the gang and confronts Gai No Don. Night Thrasher explains that he knows the truth, and Gai No Don explains that he knew that he had learned the truth or else he would not have been there.

Night Thrasher explains that he could tell the Poisoned Memories gang the truth regard who Gai No Don really was; the butcher war general of North Vietnam, while the Poisoned Memories gang was a gang composed of South Vietnamese members. Night Thrasher explains that he doesn’t want Gai No Don dead; and that he needs him to be a board member of the Taylor Foundation. After all Mr. Rosen would provide the scientific side to the board; Father Janes would provide the moral compass; while Gai No Don would provide the business side, which often requires ruthlessness.

Night Thrasher finds and confronts Andrew Chord, explaining that he had figured out that Andrew Chord had staged the entire thing, knowing that it would lead Dwayne to discovering the truth about Gai No Don.

Chord also explains that he had done everything because he knew the Taylor Foundation was in trouble; and he had no way of telling Dwayne after Dwayne had learned that Andrew Chord had killed Dwayne’s parents, unwillingly. He felt the only way was to force Dwayne’s hand to save the Taylor Foundation. Dwayne, in the end, forgives Chord for all he’s done.

And so a new chapter in Night Thrasher’s life begins.