Darkhawk #3 (V1)

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Darkhawk #3 (V1)

The issue opens up with Chris practicing the use of his powers as Darkhawk. He does so by speeding a car towards a wall, jumping in front of it, transforming into Darkhawk, stopping the car in its tracks, then throwing it into the air and blasting it. However, he’s ill prepared when the car comes crashing down and the gas tank ignites and causes a small explosion. He finds a fire extinguisher and begins putting out the fire just as the police arrive. He transforms back to Chris Powell and explains to the officers that he was driving his car when he lost control. The officers recognize him as Mike Powell’s son and let him go. One of the officers mentions the rumor that Mike Powell is a crooked cop, the other counters that it’s just that – a rumor. The first officer then retorts, “What kind of man runs off and leaves his wife and kids?”

At home, Chris is making the twins breakfast, when Jonathan mutters about the French Toast being burnt. Jason tries to tell him to leave Chris alone, and the twins begin fighting once again. Grace arrives and stops the twins from fighting, just as their school bus arrives. She leaves for work, leaving Chris to clean up everything. Chris watches his mother leave, admiring her strength. At school, Cheryl, Chris’s girlfriend notices that he has been distant lately. When Chris’ friends Bob and Headset arrive, Chris has little tolerance for Bob’s teasing and loses his cool by slamming Bob into the locker. Cheryl pulls Chris off of Bob and tells him that she “might” see him later, clearly angry at how Chris is responding to everyone. Chris decides to play some basketball, and after wards, in the locker room as he is changing clothes, he over hears two fellow students talking about how one of their older brothers is in on a deal with Bazin that’s going to go down at the Playground Club.

That night, Chris manages to sneak into the rafters of the Playground Club and in a closed room, he sees a massive weapons deal going down. Switching to Darkhawk, he jumps down and gets into the action. Several of the mobsters note that they had suspected Darkhawk would appear since he had been tailing all of Bazin’s dealings lately. When they open fire on Darkhawk, he quickly escapes upward, unsure if his suit can handle being shot at. However, once there – Hobgoblin bursts through the window and informs the mobsters that he will handle Darkhawk and take the gem pendant from his chest for his own. Spider-Man arrives just after, noting that he had slipped a Spider Tracer on Darkhawk’s armor. Spider-Man begins dealing with the armed mobsters while Darkhawk and Hobgoblin continue their battle. Hobgoblin seems to get the better of him when he snares Darkhawk, but Darkhawk breaks out of the bonds and pushes after Hobgoblin. Darkhawk manages to catch two of the pumpkin bombs thrown at him and lugs them back at Hobgoblin, causing the Hobgoblin to lose his balance and begin to fall. Darkhawk uses his wrist talon-hook and snags Hobgoblin, shouting about how he’s going to kill Hobgoblin, then kill Bazin, then kill every criminal he comes in contact with. Spider-Man tries to calm him down just as two drunken people from the party come up to the rafters. Darkhawk is distracted, and Hobgoblin uses this chance to break free and grab the woman. Hobgoblin makes his escape, forcing the heroes to save the woman rather than pursue him. Spider-Man punches Darkhawk and calls him an idiot, explaining that heroes do not kill; the moment they do they cease being heroes.

At Philippe Bazin’s office, he informs Hobgoblin that the Darkhawk amulet is not the power that the Hobgoblin seeks according to the scanners and tests that they ran during the numerous encounters with Darkhawk. Hobgoblin is disappointed and departs, while Bazin thinks to himself that he’s more convinced than ever that the power of Darkhawk will be his.

At Chris’ home, he is making food when he gets a call that simply says, “Give up the Darkhawk! Beware of the curse of the Darkhawk!” Then the mysterious person hangs up.