Nova #3 (V3)

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Nova #3 (V3)

The issue opens up with Nova leading a captured Skrull (clearly meant to be Erik’s creation over at Image Comics – Savage Dragon), along with his teammates; Rage, Speedball and Namorita. Nova tries again to apologize to Namorita, who won’t even give him the time of the day; and instead flirts with Speedball, saying he’s more mature than Nova.

The scene jumps to Marvel Burger next, where Bernie carries on about how great it was with Namorita; but Rich seems confident that nothing really happened, and that this is all a ploy to invoke jealousy within Rich.

The scene shifts to Gaze, Egypt; where a man claims to have solved the great Riddle of the Sphinx and located the tomb of Anath-Na Mut. The greedy thief pries open the casket and grabs the Ka Stone – only to have his life drained from him and pour back into the Sphinx!

Rich goes with Roger to try out for baseball, and Jennifer Smith is there with Randy Reed. In an attempt to show off to her, Rich utilizes his Nova strength to hit the balls out of the park; only to find that she’s not paying attention.

Rich flies over to Ginger’s house to see how she is; and she tells Rich she can’t be seen with him as Nova since her parents are over. She also explains that she’s uncertain what her insurance is and isn’t going to pay for and how it’s become one mess after another. At that point, Nova gets a call on his helmet and flies off to respond.

Nova arrives as Red Skull is running out of a bank, a bag full of cash. Nova and Red Skull exchange blows until Nova kicks off Red Skull’s head and discovers it’s a robot. Before he can think much further, his helmet picks up a call for another robbery in process. He shows up to that one, only to find it is Hulk robbing a bank now! Nova defeats Hulk, who also turns out to be a robot. The next one comes in – and Nova fights a robot Iron Man and defeats him. Then Nova shows up where there’s a giant robot, with a bunch of Robot Nick Fury’s driving it. Nova defeats him as well, just as the Fantastic Four show up. Nova figures he will check with Reed Richards about his powers cutting in and out.

Unaware he’s being watched by none other than – Condor!