War of Kings: Ascension #2

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The issue begins with Talon and Razor cutting their way through the Chitinauts within the Heteropteron fortress in the Negative Zone. Razor explains that he can’t yet hear the Datasong clearly yet, and Talon explains it is because of the human that resided within the Raptor armor that had been expunged. Together Talon and Razor enter Heteropteron and easily decapitate Catastrophus. Razor ponders why Catastrophus didn’t use the Cosmic Control Rod against them if he had possession of it. Talon shows him that Catastrophus was in charge of protecting the egg sack that contained an unborn version of Annhilius; and that Catastrophus had been using the Cosmic Control Rod to slow down the aging process, to prevent the Annihilius embryo from hatching, thus allowing Catastrophus to have a long rule.

Talon embraces the egg and speaks telepathically to it, informing Annihilius’ yet unborn self, that the Fraternity of Raptors spared his life, and that there may be a time when they call upon him.

Talon tells Razor to get the Cosmic Control Rod, but Razor seems distracted. When Talon asks what is wrong, Razor explains that he felt something; like a tremor, something screaming out in his mind.

Somewhere else…

Chris Powell awakens, stripped of all clothing, floating in red mist/space – his body etched with markings from head to feet – and wires, with small red crystals attached to various parts of his body. After a moment of trying to piece where he was, and everything he had just endured at the hands of Talon, Chris tries to switch into the Darkhawk armor – straining with all of his might.

At that same moment, Razor cries out – he learns that Chris Powell is actually awake in the Null Source and trying to swap bodies. Talon assures Razor that it should not be possible, because the amulet was made for Razor, not the human Chris Powell.

In the Null Space, Chris tries again to switch into the Darkhawk armor – but instead, sees the beginning of how he had become Darkhawk – the amusement park. He pushes again, and this time sees a massive ship in space and sees the Darkhawk armor coming for him – but then it’s his father standing before him who explains that everything Chris saw that night was fabricated due to his mind trying to comprehend the Datasong that was pouring in. The origin of the Darkhawk armor had been invented by Chris’ mind as a way to comprehend and make sense of what was happening; there was no Dargin Bokk, there was no Evilhawk; it was all parts of Chris’ mind trying to make sense of the Datasong.

Chris shatters what appears to be the barrier of the Null Space, and finds himself standing on a giant tree, whose leaves housed thousands upon thousands of “Darkhawk Amulets” – one of them being red, from which it seemed Chris stepped out of.

However, Chris suddenly finds humanoid, bat-like creatures hissing at him to “Return.”

The scene shifts to Talon and Razor who stand before King Blastaar. They offer an alliance with him, and give him the Cosmic Control Rod.