Firestar #4 (LS)

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Firestar #4 (LS)

The issue opens up with White Queen and Firestar standing in her office, when bullets streak through the glass. Taking cover, the guards burst in and Emma explains that there was an assassination attempt on her life and the name on the forefront of her would be attacker’s mind was “Black Queen.” When Angelica is escorted away by her bodyguard Randall, White Queen shouts at Stein, an employee of the Massachusetts Academy because the entire thing was staged by the White Queen, but when the glass shattered, a piece actually struck her face and cut her.

In Angelica’s room, she speaks with Randall about being a mutant and the things she has had to endure. She goes on to explain that Emma had mentioned the Black Queen was trying to assassinate Emma; so on the bracelet that Emma gave her, Angelica swears she will never let the Black Queen harm her.

The scene shifts again and Emma is communicating with the Black King, Sebastian Shaw and explaining to him about the plans she has for Angelica to take care of the Black Queen. Sebastian is pleased by the news, and walks away thinking that Emma will serve him faithfully and that together they can take down the Black Queen.

The scene shifts to Firestar inside the Academy’s training center where she displays far greater control of her powers. However, when Emma enters the training center, Firestar stops to try and warn Emma, allowing her guard to be dropped and she is manages to get hit. Emma tells Firestar that she is impressed with her progress and permits her to go to a formal ball.

Elsewhere Randall realizes that Emma is up to something more and begins doing what he can to uncover her true purpose. However, Emma learns of Randall’s intentions and has him ambushed by other Hellfire Club members. They proceed to capture him. The next morning Emma informs Angelica that the Black Queen has struck again, and that it cost Randall his life.

The scene shifts and we see Randall tied up inside of a shed, bound to a chair, extremely beat up. He manages to break free and goes to try to warn Angelica of Emma’s plan, but he knows he’s losing too much blood and that his time on this world will not last much longer.

When he arrives he tells Angelica everything he’s learned, about how Emma had set up everything and it had all been a lie, all with his last breath.

Meanwhile, Emma is waiting for Angelica outside. She learns that Angelica has discovered the truth and heads into the underground complex to try and track her. However, seconds before the attack happens, there is an explosion that sends Emma toppling to the ground. When Emma tries to execute a mind blast on Firestar, it barely causes her any discomfort, having been trained by Emma herself to fight against mind controlling. Firestar then heats up the metallic floor that Emma is on, burning her legs. When members of the Hellfire Club come in wielding guns and shooting at Firestar; she manages to melt the bullets, then melt the guns. Emma escapes into the training room putting it on maximum, informing Firestar that the weapons are set to attack Firestar while ignoring Emma. Firestar shows no concern as she bursts into the training room either destroying or dodging everything the room throws at her. When Emma locks the door as she escapes, Firestar blows it apart.

Corning Emma, Firestar places her hand in Emma’s face and heats the air around her, causing Emma immense pain. Firestar then tells Emma to run – and then with one surge of power destroys the entire underground complex of the Hellfire Club with a massive explosion.

Angelica returns home to her father, and explains that she is ready to do things. And that together, with her father, they can work through whatever life may throw them. He expresses his gratitude that she was willing to give her father a second chance.