Nova #5 (V2)

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Nova #5 (V2)

The issue opens up with Nova flying through the city with a pack on his bag, working as the Nova Express Messenger Delivery Service. Nova successfully delivers the package, with the slogan of, “Overnight service is yesterday’s news – we give you over minute delivery! Tomorrow’s business needs – today!”

As he flies off he begins to ponder about how his life is going right, except for his relationships; and how he’s uncertain where he stands with both Laura Dunham, as well as his teammate from the New Warriors, Namorita. However the thought quickly passes his mind, as he realized he was flying by one of the buildings of Hope Foundation – the company owned by the Corrupter. Using his speed to fly by the windows and generate a small enough sonic book to crack the windows without shattering them, Nova flies off pleased with the results.

Unbeknownst to Nova, he is being carefully watched – a set of eyes, seething with hatred, burning for revenge.

Nova returns to the apartment and finds Laura waiting for him. Rich and Laura go out for dinner – and those mysterious eyes continue to watch him – all too familiar with who he is and what he’s done. Someone must pay, the mysterious figure thinks. Someone must pay for what’s been done to him.

At the diner, Rich and Laura discuss their relationship. After confessing his mixed feelings for Namorita, they agree that they still care for one another; and Laura’s stunt over forcing Rich to choose between her and Tailhook, was nothing but water under the bridge.

As the exit the diner, Laura is suddenly grabbed – and when Nova flies up to see who had grabbed her – he’s surprised to see what appears to be a severely mutated Condor, who is hardly able to speak a full sentence of English.

Condor then reveals, through his broken pattern of speaking that after being turned into a real condor by Sphinx; he had lost most of his vast intelligence, as he became more and more bird-like. In a last ditch effort, he learned of an island where animals had been turned to humans and had sought help there. And with the aid of Bird-Brain, had been changed into the creature he had become now.

Condor then throws Laura and forces Nova to fly off and rescue her. After safely grabbing her and returning to Condor – Nova does not hold back. Nova and Condor tangle until striking electrical wires, which they tear – ripping them loose. One of the cables strikes Laura, the electrical shock stopping her heart. Condor aids Nova on how to do CPR, since he doesn’t know how. Together they save Laura’s life, and Condor leaves content that he was able to make a choice, he felt, as a man, and not some common beast.

The issue ends with Sphinx watching the end of the fight between Condor and Nova; and he decides that if he is to conquer the multi-verse, the New Warriors must be destroyed.