Speedball #8 (V1)

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Speedball #8 (V1)

The issue begins with a man calling himself “Bonehead” escapes from prison. He meets up with two members of his gang – Sammy and Barney in an alleyway and they begin to plan their next crime spree.

At the Founder’s Day Parade, there’s a huge community turn out. The general population begins to speak about how Springdale will become stagnate if it doesn’t grow; and yet why would anyone want to come with such high profile murders left unsolved like Alex Bow’s! Which leads to people questioning if the D.A.’s office was involved in this as a cover up; they’re silenced however as Justin and Madeline Baldwin show up with Robbie.

Just outside, Bonehead and his two man crew plan on hitting the volunteer who will be moving the cash from the proceeds made from the fund raising at the Founder’s Day Parade.

At the parade, Robbie walks around until Officer LaGuardia sees him and begins eyeing him – still suspecting that there’s more to Robbie than meets the eye. Robbie decides that’s enough for him and decides to leave.

Bonehead and his crew manage to get the money by knocking out the volunteer with a smack from Bonehead’s head. (It’s possible that Bonehead, whose real name is never revealed, may have a “mutated” skull that has given him a much harder bone structure, allowing him to use his skull in such a manner). – NewWarriors.com

While climbing on some rocks, Robbie falls and accidentally triggers his powers; and coincidently crashes into Bonehead and his crew while they’re making their escape with the money! Bonehead tells his men to scatter, but Speedball gives chase after Bonehead since he has the money – and he’s clearly the boss!

Sammy and Barney are captured by the police, once they notice the volunteer who has regained consciousness and explained that he was robbed. Speedball, meanwhile crashes into Bonehead, forcing him to fall forward and drop the box of cash – which is found by an officer. Bonehead manages to grab Speedball’s wrist and begins slamming his head into Speedball; who is unaffected. But from the constant slamming; it triggers a loud “pop” that sends Bonehead tumbling backwards – landing at the feet of Officer LaGuardia. Speedball, bounced further back lands on a rock and changes back to Robbie – just as Officer LaGuardia leads Bonehead past him. LaGuardia sees Robbie, once again, near the scene of the crime and it only feeds his curiosity as to why Robbie is near the scene of the crimes happening around Springdale.

The back up story begins with Robbie having a cold. At school, David mocks Robbie about taking Teri Cooper to prom – and that if he has a date, he can double with them – or David can supply Robbie with one of his “spares.”

At that moment, a limo arrives and a new girl by the name of Monica Deluise shows up. Monica asks for directions to one of the rooms, and Robbie shyly offers to take her since it’s the same room he’s headed to. David bursts in, trying to show off, and tells Monica that Robbie is dateless for prom – and that they should go together, and double date with himself and Teri. Monica agrees. At dinner, after prom at Chez Louis – they’re denied their reservation just as some suspicious men come and grab Monica. Robbie dashes off in the confusion and pops back up as Speedball, saving Monica. The men try to make their escape but slam into a police car. Another limo arrives and it turns out to be Senator Deluise, Monica’s father. Robbie shows back up and Monica kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for not being a “macho jerk” like every other boy she’s met.