Night Thrasher #6 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #6 (V2)

His name is Charles Mitchell and his life is about to change drastically. His is a young, African-American who is running late for dinner – so he takes a short cut to try and get home sooner. However, his shortcut leads him into an area dominated by white people – and the life of a young, African-American boy named Charles Mitchell nearly comes to an end when a gang of white men beat him to the edge of his life. Young Charles Mitchell never knew better – perhaps at that age, one is too young to learn to hate?

We see hatred throughout New York, spreading wildly. The racial tension continues to escalate between blacks, whites, Asians, and Hispanics. Dwayne Taylor and Evan Holiday watch the television and finally decide that they have to try to do something. Night Thrasher and Rage arrive at the scene of a riot. One of the rioters, also an African-American calls out Night Thrasher – claiming that he’s fighting against his own kind. Night Thrasher corrects the rioter by saying that “his kind” is white, black, Hispanic, or anyone who at least obeys the law. The police eventually arrive and attempt to disperse the group – however, the entire riot turns on the police force – leaving Night Thrasher and Rage to stand between them.

Night Thrasher and Rage continue to battle the rioters and the police trying to keep the peace between both sides. Realizing that there were doing no good – Night Thrasher decided to alter his tactic. Taking out both rioters and police, Night Thrasher left two people standing. One white man and one black man, to face one another. When they turn and face Night Thrasher and ask what they’re supposed to do, Night Thrasher explains that they’re supposed to fight. However, after a pause – they turn and face Night Thrasher and explain that it was a stupid idea. They explain there’s no reason to fight, and Night Thrasher agrees. The riot breaks up.

His name is Menahem Sibowitcz. He is an elderly white man who is running very late for dinner so he takes a short cut. If he knew better and paid attention to his surroundings, he would have known he crossed into a predominately black neighborhood. For Menahem, his life comes to a tragic end when a gang of African-American men beat him – however, his body surrenders to death.

And the Circle of Hate is Reborn.

Stop. The. Hate.