New Warriors #20 (V4)

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New Warriors #20 (Volume 4)

The issue begins with a small recap of all the events that had led up to the New Warriors landing in the future where Dwayne Taylor rules the United States as Iron Man and the betrayal of Donyell Taylor to the other New Warriors as he sides with his brother.

Inside a prison cell, Blackwing comments about how they’re definitely in a world of trouble with no weapons and no tech gear to rely on. Detective Sykes snaps back at Blackwing which starts an argument between the two of them before Renascence tells them both to calm down. Wondra tells them that they need to stop and really think about how to get out of this situation.

That’s when Dwayne and Donyell approach the prison cell. The New Warriors immediately lash out at Dwayne and question how Donyell could betray them. Dwayne turns to Donyell and tells him to talk to them – and if they don’t listen – make them listen, and walks off. Donyell tries to explain that he finally found Dwayne alive and that Dwayne has made the world a better place because there’s no more crime, no more strife – and the New Warriors cut him off and tell him that there’s no more freedom either. Donyell looks at them and tells them that he has no choice but to send them to the Nth Dimension also.

The scene shifts to a man torturing Tony Stark. Dwayne tells the man to leave them and Dwayne takes over with the torture. Dwayne explains that he did what Tony was afraid to do after the Registration Act had gone into action. The torture is overheard by Donyell who hides in the shadows and avoids Dwayne after he exits the room. Donyell then enters to speak with Tony Stark. Tony Stark immediately thinks that Donyell is in there to gloat – but Donyell explains that that is not the case at all. Tony explains that Dwayne is nothing like the brother that Donyell is looking for – and that Dwayne has turned into a monster. Before he can say too much more, a blast rips through Tony Stark’s heart – and Donyell turns to see that it was Dwayne that killed him.

Donyell questions why Tony was murdered, and Dwayne simply explains, he needed to be killed because he was an enemy of the state. At that moment, Donyell knew his choice had been made. He had to do something.

Running back to the imprisoned New Warriors, he enters the key to open the cell and explains where the Time Machine is – and to go straight for it – no matter what. He distributes the tech gear and they make a run for the time machine – however, the hall explodes and The Iron Guard appear!

Realizing there is no other choice – the New Warriors attack without mercy until the arrival of Dwayne Taylor in the Iron Man uniform. Donyell tells everyone to fall back and head for the time machine and that he would personally take care of Dwayne. Night Thrasher and Iron Man begin fighting as the rest of the New Warriors flee down the hall.

Down the hall the New Warriors encounter more of the Iron Guard and begin fighting. Blackwing is wounded when one of the Iron Guard extends claws into his shoulder then rips his claws free. Tempest eradicates that Iron Guard, while Phaser helps Wondra out of the situation she is in. Wondra tells Decibel to bring down the roof on the remaining Iron Guard.

The scene shifts to the battle between Iron Man and Night Thrasher – and it doesn’t look good for Night Thrasher. Iron Man gloats that Night Thrasher has no hope of winning, to which Night Thrasher replies, “You once told me – it’s not about winning or losing – it’s about fighting for what you believe in.” This only seems to infuriate Iron Man further as he continues to pummel Night Thrasher.

Scene shifts again, down to Sub Level 4 where the Time Machine is – and the New Warriors make it into the room before they’re able to lock down the doors. Wondra begins setting up the time machine – but the Iron Guard have arrived and pound on the door that Decibel keeps in place by using his sonic powers.

The scene shifts again, and we see that Donyell is laying on the ground, his mask broken into pieces. Iron Man stands before him and charges up his repulsor blast – however, when he shoots, Detective Sykes leaps in front of the blast and takes the hit. Donyell rushes to her side, but Iron Man takes advantage claiming that Donyell’s weakness for others is his problem. It allows him to be beaten. Donyell falls to the ground again, this time Iron Man gets on top of him. Donyell, unseen to Dwayne, extends his energy knife from his fist and shoves it through Dwayne’s throat and shouts, “You’re not my brother! My brother died. I don’t know who you are.”

Donyell then picks up Sykes who is still alive, but dazed and begins carrying her.

Back at the time machine, Decibel explains that his power cells are low – just as Renascence finds the Nth Projector. They reverse the Nth Projector so that it unleashes all within it – and bursting from there are the likes of Thor, Spider-Man, Sentry, Namor, Ms. Marvel, Colossus, Wolverine, Sue Richards, Thing, Daredevil, Wonder Man, Moon Knight, Falcon, Black Panther, Cyclops, Iron Fist, Yellow Jacket, Luke Cage and Wolverine!

With their arrival they’re able to fight the Iron Guard just as Donyell arrives with Detective Sykes in hand. The New Warriors jump in the time machine and return to their own proper time.

Restored to their own time, Donyell thanks Detective Sykes for saving his life. She explains it’s a part of the job and if they stop breaking the law she will stop hunting them down. Wondra explains that she won’t need to worry about that any longer. She explains that they don’t need their tech to be heroes and to make a difference in the world – Sykes was an example of an ordinary human who was a hero by saving Donyell’s life. Donyell tells them to keep their tech equipment regardless, because they had definitely deserved it. As everyone exits the room, Wondra approaches Night Thrasher and the two seem to be ready to say something – instead, Wondra kisses Night Thrasher on the cheek then follows the others out of the room, leaving Donyell there to sit and think about all that he had done – and what he was going to do next.