New Warriors #12 (V4)

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New Warriors #12 (Volume 4)

The issue begins with the New Warriors who are trapped fighting Machinesmith (Decibel, Skybolt, Phaser, and Tempest). Skybolt, Phaser and Tempest leave Decibel to fight Machinesmith one on one, so that they have time to try to find a way to escape.

When Machinesmith shatters Decibel’s sound wall; Decibel results to using sound waves to stop Machinesmith’s electrical impulses, effectively (though only temporarily) paralyzing him. Decibel then makes his escape through the tunnel, following the other Warriors.

Machinesmith finally regains movement and changes his mechanical form so that he is able to rapidly burrow through the ground.

Back at the New Warriors HQ, Night Thrasher finds himself fending off attacks from both Wondra and Black Wing; both of which are furious that Night Thrasher abandoned the rest of the team. Sophia, dressed as Renascence shows up. She breaks up the fight to ask what has happened and is a bit shocked that Night Thrasher made the decision that he did. Night Thrasher makes it clear that he already has a plan to get the rest of the team back from Machinesmith.

Elsewhere with the Warriors fleeing from Machinesmith, Decibel has the team stop when they reach a room and informs them that they’re going to combine their various equipment that’s still functional and make as many weapons as they can to help fight and hold off Machinesmith, hoping that the others would be there soon to rescue them.

The scene shifts again, this time to Mexico where we see Midnight’s Fire break into Diablo’s fortress. Just as he reaches for the Book of Shades, he’s confronted by a spiritual guardian who he easily defeats with a spray that crystallizes the beast. Diablo notices that there’s an intruder, but too late to do anything about it.

Another shift, back to the New Warriors HQ, Night Thrasher approaches Kaz, Aja and Grace and informs them that they have sat on the side lines long enough and that they were ready for their first mission.

The scene changes again, this time to Officer Sykes and Officer Givens, who we learn have been suspended because SWAT jumped the gun on dealing with Seismic, despite their warnings, resulting in the death of five hostages. As they enter a room, they’re greeted by none other than Tony Stark who informs them that they’re about to become “best friends.”

Back to the Warriors fighting Machinesmith – they flee when Machinesmith bursts through the ground, using Ice pellets to freeze Machinesmith just so that they have time to trigger the next few traps. The next trap triggers, which is the spider webbing followed by an electrical charge. The Warriors, still running come to a room with multiple halls; in their hesitation, Machinesmith catches up and snatches Tempest!