Nova #29 (V6)

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Nova #29 (V6)

The issue begins with Sam flying to Long Island where he flies to the home of Richard Rider’s parents, delivering Richard Rider’s Nova helmet to his parents and stays there all night, explaining what he knows of Richard Rider’s fate; and it’s then he learns that Richard’s younger brother, Robbie had also taken up with the Nova Corps as well; his fate, still unknown.

Nova returns home, where he tells his girlfriend, Carrie, that he is going on a trip to go find his father. Partially true, as he leaves out the part about being Nova, and doing it as Nova. As he takes off into space, his mother requests that Sam check in; but Sam has already determined that he will not be coming home unless it’s with his father; one way or another.

Nova flies to Nowhere, where he meets with Cosmo to explain he’s going to look for his father. Cosmo mentions that Nova will need money to fund the hunt for his father. Nova then attempts to rob a Chitauri bank wearing a Deadpool mask over his Nova helmet. Nova uses the money he’s taken from the Chitauri to fund bounty hunters to try and find his father.

On Earth, Steve Rogers reaches out to Captain Marvel to keep an eye on Nova if she happens to come across him.

Elsewhere, Nova finds himself being attacked in space by a ship of bounty hunters who are after the money he’s carrying. He blasts through the ship and at that moment gets a broadcast from an alien who explains that he’s planted a bug on Nova’s father’s ship and can give him the tracker for it, for a cost from the bounty. Nova flies and meets the alien and pays him the promised money, and gets the tracker in exchange.

Elsewhere, the Chitauri awaken an alien being known as the Warbringer to take care of Nova, once and for all. Warbringer asks what planet Nova is form; and when he learns he’s from Earth, Warbringer opts to go after the planet Earth to destroy.