Nova #30 (V5)

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Nova #30 (V5)

The Mindless Ones begin tearing into the ship, and Nova asks Zan if they’re the same Mindless Ones that Doctor Strange had previously fought. Starstalker mouths off to Nova, who tells Starstalker he doesn’t have time. Starstalker explains that he will remain behind to keep an eye on his investment and that they can discuss “jurisdiction” later. Nova tells Irani to remain behind to keep an eye on Starstalker, while himself, Zan and Marrow go after the Mindless Ones. Nova asks Worldmind for all the information on the Mindless Ones, but Worldmind explains that Ego is in full effect and attempting to take over and that they need to evacuate. Nova, Zan and Marrow arrive and find Fraktur fighting the Mindless Ones. Fraktur complains that first she got taken out by some bozo in a lame cape, then wakes up to the Mindless Ones having a riot. While battling the Mindless Ones, Zan asks why Nova insists on focusing on the notion that they’re the “Mindless Ones” and not “The Black Hole Sons” – and that the universe is full of nearly indestructible beings like the Mindless Ones. Nova explains that he is worried because they are indeed the Mindless Ones, which are magically enhanced – which means they have no means of truly combating them and winning.

When Nova and the others flee, the Mindless Ones continue their rampage, and eventually take out the ships power, which means there’s nothing to hold the prisoner in check.

Aboard Nu-Xander, Robbie and Lindy transport the prisoners; Lord Ravenous, Strotian, and the other Praetorians into the escape shuttle, as they continue to fight off Ego.

Elsewhere on the ship, on the detention level, the Minded One breaks free and blasts Starstalker, who collapses to the ground with a large hole in his chest. Right before Irani’s eyes, she watches as he “heals” himself. She realizes that Starstalker is actually composed of the similar nanotechnology that he had used on Worldmind; and much to her surprise, he was unaware that he wasn’t ever truly “alive.” Nova arrives and takes the Minded One out into space, where he knows the creature can survive the vacuum of space. The droids aboard the ship manage to repair the power and restore its function. As soon as the power is restored, Worldmind begins transferring itself from Ego to the new ship. Starstalker arrives to help Nova deal with the Mindless Ones. Worldmind opens a stargate and sends the Mindless Ones away. At the same time, Ego is full recovered while Robbie and the others are escaping Ego in a shuttle… Ego seems ready to lash out when suddenly he screams. The stargate opens inside of Ego’s mind, unleashing the Mindless Ones. Ego teleports away, unable to deal with healing, the Mindless Ones, and Nova.

Starstalker approaches Nova and tells him that he will be on his way. Nova explains that he saw what Irani saw. Starstalker seems to take it well, explaining he’s no one’s tool anymore, and he will find out what the big universe has in store for him.

Zan accepts a position with the Nova Centurion as a Drill Sargent. Just then a massive telepathic broadcast assaults them all. It’s an image of Gladiator, of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, claiming that Lilandra has been murdered, and the murderer must be taken down. The image of the murderer is none other than Nova’s former teammate… Darkhawk!