Nova #7 (V6)

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Nova #6 (V6)

The issue opens with Nova flying to New York to help fight crime. When a nearby explosion gets his attention, Nova nearly slams into The Superior Spider-Man. (Note: During this time, as The Superior Spider-Man, it is actually Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius in control of Peter Parker’s mind and body; he had switched minds with Peter Parker – so that Peter Parker apparently perished while in Doctor Octopus’ decaying body). After saving some citizens from nearly being crushed by falling rubble, Superior Spider-Man confront Sam and notes that his voice sounds young. When Superior Spider-Man asks how old Nova is, Sam answers that he’s 15 years old. (Note this conflicts with both the previous reported ages that Sam has been listed. Previously he was shown as being 16 years old. Issue #5 had his mother saying he was 14 years old. Then in this issue, Sam says he’s 15 years old). The Superior Spider-Man explains that New York City doesn’t need any more super heroes – and just then, Iron Man goes flying by.

The scene shifts to Vance Astrovik, better known as Justice, and Robbie Baldwin, better known as Speedball – from the New Warriors, sitting on the hood of their truck, talking about what it was like when they were The New Warriors. Vance tries to explain that the New Warriors were never that glamorous, to which Speedball explains, but at least those moments were real – they were trying to save the world, they were trying to make a difference. Just then Nova streaks by, and Robbie takes it as a sign that the New Warriors should reform.

In Los Angeles, a city with less heroes, Nova stops a clown with a hostage – only to discover he’s interrupted a movie set. Sam decides to use his helmet to monitor signals of distress and finds that there’s far too many to manage. Nova returns to Carefree, Arizona to help in the clean up efforts of the skate park that had been ruined during his fight with Titus.

On the moon, Watcher seems to be gazing upon Sam – but then turns his attention to another, all to familiar figure in the Marvel Universe – Thanos!