Nova #17 (V6)

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Nova #17 (V6)

The issue begins with Sam’s mother waking up, clearly exhausted. As she goes to make herself some coffee, she peers outside the kitchen window and sees a massive stone, made of gold, sitting in their backyard. She screams for Sam to wake up. Sam wakes up, happy that he has brought something from space, that would be of great value; only to be surprised by his mother commanding him to put his helmet on and get rid of it because it’s radioactive; pointing to the grass around the massive gold stone, that has been burned and dead.

Sam puts on his Nova helmet, takes the large gold stone and flies into space, throwing it into the sun. When he returns him, his mother scolds him that he has to be more careful and that the radiation could have turned his own sister into something like The Thing, from the Fantastic Four. Sam tries to speak up about the eviction notice he found, but changes his tone, and says that he knows that they could always use a little extra money. Sam’s mother explains that she has a double shift at the diner, and that she will be extremely busy, so Sam must babysit his younger sister, Kaelynn.

At the diner, Sam mother over hears some UFO fanatics talking about recent sightings seen, streaking through the sky; and one of the men comments how it’s always before midnight, like whatever it could be has some kind of curfew. Sam’s mother knows immediately that the UFO fanatics must be discussing seeing Sam streaking through the skies as Nova. The scene shifts to Sam sleeping on the couch, cradling his helmet as he nods off. The helmet falls and his younger sister decides to put it on; and discovers that the helmet responds by armoring her up, just as it does for Sam. She mistakenly blasts a hole through the wall and wakes Sam up, who manages to convince her to remove the helmet. When Sam’s mom comes home, she sees Sam’s pour attempt to cover the hole in the wall and scolds Sam, who responds by taking the helmet, and blasting off into the night sky. An explosion not far from where Sam contemplates life allows him to take his mind off things and he goes to investigate and discovers a train has slammed into a tractor and one of the oil tanks on the train has caught fire!

Nova takes it and flies into the air; where it explodes, unexpectedly, as he’s holding it, allowing some of the flames to fall onto a house below where a man scream’s for help, because his wife is still inside. Nova tosses the oil tank aside and flies into the house, and finds the man’s wife recovering old photographs, before they burned. Nova grabs her, and flies out, then grabs the husband and flies them to safety. The husband is sad that they have lost everything, but the wife explains they still have their photos and their memories. The couple is thankful for Nova’s assistance and thank him, saying that they’re going to start anew in Florida.

Sam flies back home and talks to his mother about the eviction notice that was on the door. She explains that they will be all right. They always somehow manage to be just all right… unaware, that far off, on the moon, the Watcher, once good friend to Nova, lies on the floor, murdered…