Nova (V7) #6

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Nova #6 (V7)

The issue begins with yet another clone impersonating Sam’s father that the Chitauri had created when the previous clone refused to kill Sam. The clone explains that the Chitauri want to figure out how to harness the power of the Nova Helmets for themselves. Before the new Clone can kill Sam, police officers arrive; the new Clone turns to kill the officers, but Sam flies and takes new Clone out of the room. The officers notice that the old Clone is still alive, but when they turn his face, it’s disfigured, as if it were melting. They try to give him medical attention but he punches his way free and escapes. He then proceeds to jump into a bus and smash through cars as he makes good of his escape.

The new Clone fights with Sam and slams him down into a parking lot, then begins attacking innocent people. Sam recovers and blasts him; but the new Clone grabs a hostage and forces Sam to surrender. The new Clone proceeds to smack Sam around, saying how much he’s enjoying the power, and kicking Sam around. They crash into a movie theater, where the old Clone manages to catch up and explains that Sam has more power in that helmet than the new Clone, and that Sam needs to stop holding back. Sam unloads on the new Clone and defeats him. The old Clone shows up and takes the Nova helmet that belonged to Sam’s father and explains that he has to leave; and that he will look for Sam’s father; in the meantime to take the new Clone and have him imprisoned by the Avengers (or something safe).

The scene shifts back to Sam’s school, where one of his friends has pieced together that Sam is none other than Nova.