Darkhawk #8 (V1)

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Chris finds himself being questioned by Lodestone. With the Darkhawk amulet on Headset, Chris is forced to lie and tell Lodestone that Darkhawk fled down the alley. Lodestone leaves Chris, and begins heading in the direction Chris pointed. Even as Chris is there trying to figure out what to do next, Lodestone begins throwing people around demanding to know where Darkhawk went. Chris grabs the amulet from Steve’s chest and turns into Darkhawk and goes after Lodestone.

Lodestone sees Darkhawk and tells him that she works for Bazin, so that should answer all of his preliminary questions. She then uses a lamp post to snare Darkhawk. As Darkhawk is trying to free himself from the lamp post, she forces it to bend and slam Darkhawk into a parked car. She then uses his magnetic ability to pile an assortment of other cars on top of Darkhawk, giving him no time to recuperate from her attack. Darkhawk however blasts free. That’s when he notices a crowd has gathered to cheer him on and an ambulance has arrived to tend to Steve.

Darkhawk realizes he must let himself lose to prevent any more casualties. Lodestone begins using her power to rip the amulet from Darkhawk’s chest – but Bazin commands Lodestone to do nothing to damage Darkhawk – and bring him, as a whole, to the same lab in which she was “created.” While there, Darkhawk is exposed to several tests, scans and probes; but they’re unable to find out much in the way of information, since the Darkhawk suit is far more advanced than anything they have dealt with. With Allegra’s arrival, the alarms go off, allowing Darkhawk to transform into Chris to see if he can slide his hands free. Unable to do so, he concentrates on becoming Darkhawk again, and with one last, desperate move breaks free of the shackles. However, Lodestone is ready for Darkhawk and all too happy to beat him down again, given the chance.

Lodestone seems to have the advantage over Darkhawk when suddenly she collapses. Darkhawk believes it’s Bazin using his control rod over Lodestone but is surprised to see it’s actually Allegra. Darkhawk decides not to push his luck and makes a quick escape.

The scene shifts to Grace Powell in the office of Harry Lennox, the private investigator, as he tells her that his lead did not pan out but he’s come across another one. As she leaves, disappointed, he makes a call to someone explaining that he can’t stall her much longer and that she will need to be taken out of the picture soon.