Throw Back Thursday! #TBT

So Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites have adopted this “Throwback Thursday” (or #TBT) thing! Well while cleaning off the hard drive, I found all the old banners I once used when this site was hosted on Geocites! Ready?

One of the very first banners:

Other banners made way, way, way back then… Using puns quite frequently, it seems…

I am amused that you can see this was made over the Firestar one…

You can see them layered…

Pretty flashy banners, right?

This was used as a button to email me.

This replaced the banner on Valentine’s Day

When I tried to get fancy with the banners…

One of the last banners when I was using Geocities…



This was used as a banner after Volume 2 had started:

Christmas after Volume 2:

This was used to save the New Warriors back then…

This was used in a campaign to bring back the New Warriors!

This was used as a button to join the New Warriors eGroup (later, Yahoo Group)

This was used to link to various Nova related sites.

This was made after Civil War started, intentionally using the characters impacted from the New Warriors:

This was the first banner used when was born.

This was used as a banner from time to time (I tried to use it for banner exchanges)

The Halloween Banner:

Saint Patrick’s Day:

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Darkhawk (War of Kings) Wallpaper.

#NewWarriors #Darkhawk gets even more love! I whipped up this cover from one of the War of Kings covers! I only did one resolution (1920×1080). If you are interested and have a different size resolution, let me know your screen resolution and I can adjust and create new ones.
Darkhawk War of Kings Wallpaper (1920×1080)

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Character Spotlight: Darkhawk.

Because I had decided to do a spotlight on Darkhawk, I saw that his profile was very out dated. It had information only up to his time with the Loners (which was pretty brief in the bio) and did not include his two issue appearance in War of Kings: Darkhawk (2 issues) or even the four issue War of Kings: Ascension (4 issues) in which he was the main focus. These six appearances saw a very significant change in the character. In many respects, it changed his origin considerably and ignores some of what happened in his own original series. Understandably, some Darkhawk fans were not pleased with this. But these six issues also put Darkhawk in the middle of a major Marvel cross over and brought other significant changes to the character. It allowed Darkhawk to change his armor, at will, to have different “modes” – such as flying, weapons, and even allowed him to fly and breathe in space. This gave Darkhawk a more modern look and set of abilities, and even allowed him to return to his “default” look how he originally appeared. I expanded his bio considerably, to include all of this, and even changed his profile photo (seen here also) to the more up to date “flashier” version. These six issues did a lot for the character of Darkhawk. It’s no surprise once you put Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning on a book – the characters are going to do amazing things, and they’re going to tell amazing stories. It made the character far more versatile both in abilities and appearance. With any luck, future writers will see this and get more use out of the character one day. Check out the updated Darkhawk profile!

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