Two new – um – old? – villains added to the site!

I’ve added Genecide, leader of Eugenix, as well as Protocol, leader of the Undertow. (Interesting that both of these villains were leaders of essentially ruthless, murdering, mercenaries).


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The New Warriors TV Show – Not Heading To Freeform

So, since the news broke early in November, I’ve been patiently waiting to see if there was an update to the New Warriors TV show. It was originally picked up in 2016 by the Disney-ABC Television group known as Freeform; but then news broke that those plans had been scrapped and that the show would be shopping around for a new home.

Since then – there’s not been much in the way of news about the television show’s fate. I knew, back then, when they announced the idea of a New Warriors television show, chances were slim that it would be the New Warriors that most of us are familiar with; but regardless, I was excited at the prospect of The New Warriors heading for TV! When the news broke as to the characters they were proposing for the show, I was surprised the majority of them were legitimate New Warriors. I was even pleasantly surprised who they cast for the actors. The news has been eerily quiet since the initial news that Freeform was not going to be housing the show. There could be some negations happening in the background; but it’s odd that they were so excited about the show coming to Freeform and it was everything they wanted; and then… decline and silence. Makes me wonder if the show is dead in the water, and will be quietly swept under the rug to be forgotten; which admittedly, would mildly annoy me, because of the Fate of the New Warriors Facebook page would have been for naught.

What are your thoughts? Do you hope the show finds a new home? Come by our (new) Facebook page or hit us up on twitter!

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The New Warriors Forum Is Officially Gone.

A recent update to the site, made it so the forum was having all kinds of database errors. I tried to manually update the phpbb software, but hit a few walls. I had the provider try to see if it could be done, and they hit the same walls. (Speedball on the cover over there is supposed to represent the Forums, with Timeslip mourning the loss of the forums – I mean, Speedball)!

The forums weren’t getting much activity anyway, because everyone has moved to the social media platform. So as soon as I encountered the errors with the forum, I made a Facebook Group page for the New Warriors, that acts more like a forum. Currently there’s only a few of us on there, so if you’d like – please come by and join us! (Membership does require to be approved, so when you join, you may not immediately get access! I try to check it as frequently as I can for folks that have joined us there!)

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