The Nova That Wasn’t Nova – But Became Nova – Sam Alexander.

NOVAPLANET The Nova series starring Sam Alexander has come to an end. If you’ve not collected it because you were holding out for Richard Rider, and that there is no Nova, but Richard Rider… I am going to tell you right now, you have missed out on an incredible series. Let me say something, I’d love – LOVE – to see Richard Rider back. There’s probably little more I’d love to see happen in the Marvel Universe than seeing the Nova I grew up with, from his own series, to Fabian’s take on him in New Warriors, to his series that followed, and especially the Richard Rider we saw truly developed into a real hero by the fantastic team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. And I admit, when the Nova series was announced with Sam Alexander was announced, I was very skeptical. The series had some rough spots in the beginning, but was entertaining enough to keep me reading. But when Gerry Duggan came aboard, you could see he had plans for the character. He began plotting things and laying them out. Things mentioned or seen in previous issues would come to fruition later. As the series progressed, it really got better and better, and it became much clearer that Gerry Duggan really had things planned out. The series featured a great set of stories, dealing with Sam – an amateur hero – making a lot of amateur mistakes! But by the end of the series, he really came into himself. The series has a tremendous amount of heart and love. Really appreciate what was done with this character, and really glad I stuck with it, throughout the series.

I still want Richard Rider back. I miss the character very much. But you know what, Sam deserves the title of Nova as well. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend giving the series a read. You might be surprised, once you set aside the biased view, at what a great story is waiting for you to be discovered.

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Happy 30th Birthday, Firestar! #NewWarriors

Happy Birthday, Firestar. #NewWarriors

Few heroes can list both the Avengers and the X-Men on their resume, but that’s just what Firestar can do thanks to her long and storied career.

The microwave-powered mutant has fought alongside pretty much everyone from Captain America to Wolverine, adding her signature heat blasts and fiery personality to the arsenal of a number of super teams. In her 30 years of publication, Angelica Jones might most be known for her lengthy stint as a member of the New Warriors, a team that she helped found alongside Night Thrasher, Nova, Justice, Speedball and Namorita.

But Firestar has been a member of one other team—a team that had less than heroic ambitions!

Learn about Firestar’s extensive history!

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New Warriors even makes it into top 10 Battles! (As does Nova!)

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