Never meet your heroes, so they say!

There’s a saying that you should never meet your heroes, because you’re going to end up being disappointed. And that has certainly happened to me before. But when Fabian Nicieza said that he was going to be at San Diego Comic Con 2017 for two days – Friday and Saturday, I knew I was going to put aside the anxiety of being surrounded by thousands upon thousands of people, crammed into a space, entirely too small to house them all – just to get Fabian’s signature.

You see, other than being responsible for the incredible stories found in The New Warriors, Fabian also created one of my all time favorite characters, Adam-X. So I had plenty of New Warriors issues I had hoped he would sign, along with a New Warriors poster – along with some issues of Captain Marvel and X-Force that had Adam-X in it; along with an original Adam-X piece I had from the pages of Captain Marvel.

In my head, I had anticipated that my entire day would be spent standing in a line. You see, Fabian was also the writer that introduced Deadpool to the Marvel Universe in the pages of X-Force. I got there just after 10am, and that’s when Fabian was going to begin signing. So when I got there, there was one person in front of me, and he was just talking to Fabian. So after they finished talking, I stepped up and began talking to Fabian. We talked about how he recognized my unusual spelling of a name (Tawmis) as “the Adam-X fan.” When I showed him the original art for that Adam-X piece, he actually told me how it had been over 20 years since he had held that piece, because he got to see it after it was originally done.

When we got to talking about The New Warriors, he asked me, curiously, why I had started the site. I explained that “back in the day” when the personal websites were just beginning to become a thing, when I did a search for “New Warriors” – nothing came up for the comics (we’re talking before even Google existed – and no, I am not kidding). So I made the site, back then on Geocities and made a group for New Warriors on eGroups. (Yahoo would eventually come and purchase up both of these companies). In 2000, my wife had surprised me and purchased the domain – and for the last 17 years, the site has gone through a lot of changes. Fabian said he remembered the Geocities site as well as when launched (I recall reaching out to Fabian to ask for a quote about the site).

Though I had anticipating standing in line all day, and that didn’t happen – the opportunity to just chat for about 20 minutes (if not a little longer) with Fabian proved to be an incredible experience. He was truly appreciative of my utter fandom of the work he’s done. He’s a very, very, very down to Earth, humble, and very funny guy – and I am thankful I got to meet one of my heroes!

Thank you, Fabian!

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A Favor for New Warriors Artist, Stephen B. Scott.

New Warriors artist, Stephen Scott worked with writer Jay Faerber to bring us the second volume of New Warriors.

The book brought us Bolt joining the New Warriors, introduced Aegis to the New Warriors, and gave us a core team of: Nova, Bolt, Aegis, Turbo, Namorita and Speedball. Scott was unable to remain on the book for the entire run, but he went on to work with other book at Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, Titan Comics just to name a few. Scott has reached out with a message asking those who follow him for a favor. Here’s the message Scott shared:

A very BIG favor to ask.

Today has been spent gathering as many favors as I have ever imagined asking. Making contact with convention promoters, editors, publishers, etc…..

In the weeks to come, I need to gather as much paperwork as I can proving my value and existence as a self employed comics artist…without having a University degree ( I only attended two years).

I have an apartment in Antwerp that is everything I could ever want. Great location to be creative and produce some of the most amazing work. To be able to stay here, I need your help. If you are a fan that may have met me along the convention circuit or an editor that I have worked from in the past, could you please email me a letter of “acknowledgement” of my existence.

If you live in Europe, an acknowledgement that you would come out to see me if I am announced by a convention. Essentially, they are looking to see that I have value and will not be a burden on the country.

I’m horrible at asking for favors but this may be a very important one, in the end.

My email is :

The more emails that I can present, well, hopefully that will mean something to them in the process.


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The Crashpod – The New Warriors Podcast #7 – Podcasts of Present Past

Thanks to Insomnia (my best friend) and the epic battle we had – I finally raised my hands in defeat and said, “Fine! I can’t sleep! I will do something!” So I sat in my room and talked to myself. Not like a crazy person. Well… not any crazier than I already am… but I mean, I talked to myself, as in doing the next New Warriors podcast for The Crashpod. So issue #7 of the Crashpod covers volume one, issues #11, 12, and 13, which are all a part of the Forever Yesterday storyline. So give it a listen. Let me know what you think. If you enjoyed it, the best thing you can do is share it around!

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If it does not stream on the site, and you do not have an iTunes account to listen to it there, then you can right click this link and save the MP3 file.

Please considering sharing this on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets; as well as, if you do have an iTunes account, please consider rating us and leaving a comment there as well. It’s much appreciated.

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