New Warriors even makes it into top 10 Battles! (As does Nova!)

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Despite Cancellation – New Warriors Ranks #5 of the top 10 teams of 2014!

They beat out such teams as X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, All New X-Men, Secret Avengers and Mighty Avengers! You’d think a team that ranks above such “core” titles would continue to be published.

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New Warriors #12 – Final Issue. Your thoughts?

So as we all know, issue #12 of the current run of NEW WARRIORS has come out – and it’s the final issue. But that doesn’t mean that discussion (or the passion!) for the New Warriors has to end! Come by the forum and share your thoughts on the final issue!

There’s a thread here about it. Or if you’re on Facebook, come like The New Warriors facebook page and start a discussion there!

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