New Warriors #3 (V5)

New Warriors #3 (V5)


The issue begins with a telling of the Celestials arriving on Earth when man was but a beast, and for reasons unknown took them and split them into three races; Human; Eternal and Deviant. The Eternals and Deviants found themselves in a constant state of war against one another, while off to the side, man continued to evolve. But, due to folly, seduction and madness, the evolutionary path for Mankind veered. Radiation had given Mankind super powered humans, like the Hulk. A genetic anomaly brought on the birth of mutants, such as Cyclops. Some humans, became, Inhumans, like Black Bolt, while another set of humans became a sub-species known as Atlanteans, such as Namor. Mad scientists took human DNA, cloned it, and experimented with it, creating even more abnormalities. Then Magic and demons, tampered with mankind – and eventually even aliens from distant planets tampered with Mankind’s evolution.

The High Evolutionary continues to explain that Celestials are returning and they are coming to bring judgement upon Earth – and that the High Evolutionary is trying to make the human race pure by removing the various degrees of Mankind’s unfavorable elements. He explains that the machine he created to evolve people, even animals, once long ago – he had modified, and with the use of the Worldmind within Samuel Alexander’s helmet, he will be able to do precisely what needs to be done.

Just then, the Evolutionaries teleport and drop off an unconscious Scarlet Spider, Water Snake and Hummingbird.

The scene shifts to New York, where Justice, Speedball, Sun Girl, and Haechi find themselves surrounded by police officers. One of them notes that reports indicate that the train accident was caused by an Asian American Male with a horn on his head – and the officer recognizes Haechi as an Inhuman. Justice, seeing the officers growing increasingly uneasy decides that they had better escape and encases them within a telekinetic ball and escapes to a rooftop. On the rooftop, Haechi complains that he never asked to be a hero – he never asked for any of it. Sun Girl immediately takes offense and tells Haechi he should be thankful for having the ability to help people in need. Justice sides with Haechi, explaining to Sun Girl that while she can take off her armor and be a normal person, Haechi has a horn on his head, that will always make him stand out. Sun Girl then blasts Haechi.

Before we can find out what happens to Haechi, the scene shifts and returns to Scarlet Spider, Water Snake and Hummingbird being prisoners of High Evolutionary. While Water Snake tries to break their sphere; Hummingbird remains calm. Sam repeatedly mistakes Scarlet Spider for Spider-Man, which only increases Scarlet Spider’s annoyance – since he didn’t even care to do the super hero thing anymore – and now found himself in this situation. Scarlet Spider eventually uses his ability to communicate with spiders, and has them short circuit their prison spheres.

The scene shifts back to Haechi, who we see is fine after being blasted by Sun Girl, since he devoured the energy that had been projected at him. After a debate with Sun Girl, Justice agrees that something needs to be done about the Evolutionaries, and that they should look for Nova.

The scene jumps back to Nova, Water Snake, Scarlet Spider and Hummingbird. Free of their prison, they see a small army of Evolutionaries charging them. Scarlet Spider demands that Nova escape, while the others buy him time to get help and warn someone about what the High Evolutionary has planned. Nova is hesitant to leave, but after Scarlet Spider barks at him to leave, several times, Sam seemingly leaves. Scarlet Spider, Hummingbird and Water Snake seem to hold their own for a short while, but eventually the sheer numbers begin to overwhelm them. Just when it seems helpless, Nova arrives again, and tries to help – to seemingly also be taken down, yet again.

As Water Snake falls, she utters the words, “I have failed you, Kymaera…”