Darkhawk #46 (V1)

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On the planet Jormal, a bright light emits from a cave on its barren surface. On that planet, Darkhawk lies wounded, unable to reach out to Ned or Portal.

Inside the Darkhawk Ship, Ned finds himself in trouble with the aliens, from which Kistur is a part of. They demand to know all the secrets to the Darkhawk Ship and all of its technology. Ned tries to explain that he didn’t kill Kistur, and that he was in fact, trying to save him, if it was possible. The aliens drag out what appears to be Darkhawk in his old armor, and explain that Kistur had found an amulet that allowed him to switch places with that ‘Darkhawk’ until a humanoid by the name of Portal came along and ripped it from him. At that moment, Darkhawk manages to telepathically reach Ned, who redirects Darkhawk’s message…

On Earth, Portal in his human form, is playing basketball with several others when they witness a van losing control and crashing. They rush to help the people inside the van, but Charlie runs home and gets his Portal gun to magnetically lift the car, and allowing him to grab the people from the car just before it explodes. His friends seem slightly upset that Charlie stole the show and that they were not needed; but before he can deal with that he suddenly gets a message from Darkhawk, who explains that he’s dying and that Ned appears to be in dire need of help as well. On board the Darkhawk Ship, the aliens discover Ned’s telepathic communicator with Portal; and also discover that the Darkhawk Ship has the ability to teleport them all to Earth, where they can get revenge on Portal and everything that’s important to him.

Unaware, on Earth, Portal departs to a planet by the name of Kahesha, where he gathers the healing crystals for Darkhawk. Portal finds himself under attack by the aliens, but he manages to get some of the crystals and departs.

On Earth, Chris enjoys a night out with Laura at the Carnival. On a roller-coaster ride, they share their first kiss. When Laura explains that Chris sometimes seems preoccupied, he openly admits that he used to be Darkhawk. Laura, stunned, isn’t sure how to take what he just said.

The scene shifts and we see Mike Powell has joined Harry Lennox to become a private investigator. Meanwhile, Grace, who is working hard, is interrupted by her boss, Newland Norbert, who explains, as he locks the door, that she will be doing her “real” job now. At school, a teacher makes Jason feel outcast, by congratulating Jon on his acceptance to the new school for gifted youngsters.

Back on Jormal, Portal arrives and gives Darkhawk the crystals, but passes out himself. Ned contacts Darkhawk and explains that the Earth is peril, since the aliens want to use the ship to attack and kill Portal.

On Earth, Laura tells Chris that she believes him; which shocks Chris, who thinks that perhaps he would not have told her if he thought she would have believed him.

On Jormal, Portal gets up, despite being severely wounded, and teleports himself to the Darkhawk Ship to deal with the aliens. He takes out a few, but in his weakened state, is eventually taken down. Ned contacts Darkhawk and lets him know Portal has been captured; but that won’t stop the aliens. They will go to Earth. They will seek revenge. And they will kill. Darkhawk, closer to death than life, tries to decide what he will do.