Nova (V7) #1

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Nova #31 (V6)

The opening scene appears to be on a distant, alien planet, where a being named Graxxis is about to kill a female alien; when we see, what is actually happening is that Sam Alexander is at the movies with three of his friends. When he exists the movie, he gets a notification on his phone about a gas line having busted; and excuses himself from his friends, claiming he had promised to help his father with something. Once away from his friends, Sam switches to the Nova costume and flies into action, where he sees none other than his father (wearing the traditional golden helmet of the Nova Corps) and helping at the gas line explosion. Sam and his father fly into the burning house, where Sam’s father’s powers seem to leave him. Sam flies in and saves his father, who tells Sam that there’s still someone inside. Sam flies back into the house and rescues the cat from the burning building.

Sam, and his father, Jesse return home where they explain to Sam’s mother, Eva, that Jesse’s helmet had shorted out again. Jesse explains he’s certain that it’s his helmet from before he joined the Black Nova Corps, otherwise the helmet would not work at all. The scene shifts to Sam at school with his friends, and feeling confident about the pop quiz the class has been given; a distinct change from the previous times Sam struggled between balancing being Nova and being the kid, Sam Alexander.

The scene shifts to Jesse at work, and his boss tells him to go investigate what’s causing the tremors that caused the gas line to break. Jesse and a fellow co-worker go into the mine to investigate and suffer another tremor that reveals a massive tunnel. After school, Sam dons on the Nova costume and flies around space, and returns home after everything seems quiet. He speaks to his father, thanking him – and explaining how happy he was to have him home.

When Sam leaves, an voice asks Jesse who that was; and “Jesse” replies, “The son. And no, he has no idea what’s going on.”