New Warriors #9 (V4)

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New Warriors #9 (Volume 4)

The issue of the New Warriors begins with a fight already in process. The New Warriors looking beaten and tired face off against Alpha-Clan, a team of (seemingly unknown) villains that rank as number twelve on SHIELD’s most wanted list. (Note: When I originally glanced the issue, I thought this was the Zodiac again!)

The New Warriors manage to briefly turn the tide against Alpha-Clan, but that element of surprise is quickly snuffed away as Alpha-Clan regains the upper hand. First Jubilee gets punched, then Phaser gets caught up in some smog, Blackwing gets captured, throwing Angel off balance.

One of the Alpha-Clan strikes Jubilee with his mace – a crushing bow that should have proved fatal – however, Jubilee is surprised to see that it had somehow passed through her harmlessly! Night Thrasher appears and throws off Alpha-Clan; giving Decibel the chance to unleash his power and knock out Alpha-Clan.

Jubilee questions Night Thrasher as to where he has been – and he simply answers, “Tht’s m business.”

The scene shifts and Jono and Jubilee are discussing the future of the team, because of Night Thrasher. Jubilee carries on that she doesn’t feel like she can put up with Night Thrasher disappearing; and when Jono said that she was never bothered when her “mentor” Wolverine had done the same. She explained that Wolverine had done so much to earn their respect among the X-Men; to which Jono counters that Night Thrasher has done a lot for him. So when Jubilee asks, “So that means you can turn a blind eye to his disappearing act?” Jono simply answers, “No, that just means that I have a lot of respect for him and what he’s able to do.”

Jono then reveals to Jubilee that when Night Thrasher found him, Jono was on the brink of suicide – and it had only been through Night Thrasher’s help that Jono was able to pull through and became a part of the New Warriors. Jubilee apologizes, unaware of Jono’s previous situation. She then concludes that Night Thrasher is up to something – and that she would find out just what it was.

Kaz goes to find Night Thrasher, over hearing Jubilee and Jono – and while talking to him – Night Thrasher manages to turn the conversation around and lets Kaz know that the New Warriors would never function without his help.