Darkhawk #27 (V1)

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The issue begins with Zarrko and Servitor offering the New Warriors, and Darkhawk, a chance to travel back in time and “fix” their one single regret in life; for the small price of going back in time and fixing something that Zarrko has foreseen will ruin, and possibly destroy, all the future timelines. Zarrko departs, giving them the time to consider their actions and decide before he returns. It doesn’t take much for both Nova and Night Thrasher to see that Silhouette is definitely considering the offer. Darkhawk excuses himself, explaining he’s never been a team player, and before he can decide what a team needs, he still needs to figure out what he needs.

Each of the New Warriors, as well as Darkhawk consider their options; Darkhawk’s interest was fixing the issues with his family if he could go back in time; Speedball has a similar issue with his parents divorcing; Nova considers some of the things he’s done in the past that he would like to undo; for Firestar, she thinks of going back and time and stopping Justice before he unleashed his power on his father, resulting in his father’s death and Justice’s imprisonment within the Vault; and Namorita recalls being in the middle of a war and having to make some choices that led to the death of several people; for Night Thrasher and Silhouette, as they spar with one another, surprisingly Silhouette tells Night Thrasher that they can not believe Zarrko’s lies.

Chris invites friends and family over and makes dinner. Later, he thanks Cheryl for coming and apologizes for ruining their once blooming relationship. She explains that he will always be a friend to her. When she leaves on the bus and doesn’t even look back, Chris notices. Chris leaves again, come morning, leaving his mother crying, worried about him. Jason notices and swears he will make Chris pay for making her cry again.

Darkhawk comes upon a fight in the local park and helps put an end to it, with Spider-Man arriving to assist. Darkhawk and Spider-Man speak briefly about consequences and actions, and Spider-Man mentions how he would give anything to prevent a specific crime from happening (meaning the robbery that would lead to his Uncle’s death). Darkhawk thanks him and departs, leaving Spider-Man with his thoughts, that though he said he’d give anything to prevent it, he had been around the block long enough as a hero to know, that such actions often come with unimaginable consequences.

The New Warriors conclude that they will take Zarrko on his offer. Zarrko arrives and welcomes the New Warriors and Darkhawk.

The back story continues this issue, with the Cabal going after Harry Lennox, Jimmy Zafar and Johnny Leone. Jimmy tries to explain that the idea of Savage Steel was to bring about justice – not murder. Several of the members of Cabal explain that it was justice killing those criminals. Jimmy counters that one of the criminals they had tried to kill was later proved innocent, so an innocent man was nearly killed by Savage Steel. The Cabal takes Jimmy, Harry and Johnny outside and agree that they should all fire at once, so that they’re all responsible. However, Arthur Vale arrives and is about to snipe one of the leaders of the Cabal, but is shot in the arm when a female officer arrives on the scene.

The Cabal realize they must flee, since they don’t want to kill any fellow officers who they feel have not betrayed them. The officer who shot Vale in the shoulder is a woman named Aggie, who explains she learned everything there is about being a cop by an officer by the name of Mike Powell.