Nova #2 (V6)

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Nova #2 (V6)

The issue begins with Sam in the hospital, with Rocket Raccoon and Gamora speaking to Sam about how they need to find his father, Jesse. Sam, in a state of shock, can not believe that Rocket Raccoon and Gamora are real – and mistakenly calls Rocket Raccoon a talking raccoon. Rocket blasts the pillow that Sam throws, as Sam makes his escape down the hall screaming for help. He runs into a nurse, literally, and drags her back to his room – where he finds his room empty. The nurse recommends that he should go back to sleep, and despite his best efforts to stay awake, Sam succumbs to sleep, unaware that his father’s helmet has fallen in the room, and forgotten in the confusion by Rocket Raccoon.

Sam is awakened by the humming sound and the light emitted from the helmet’s visor. Sam ends up taking the helmet and walking out of the hospital with it, thinking that it’s all one big joke, that nothing he just saw could possibly be real. He kicks the helmet and it emits a large burst of light. He goes over and picks it up, and decides to put it on, just to see what happens – only to discover, in a blinding flash of light, he is now in a Black Nova costume.

A hologram of his father suddenly appears, and with a sorrowful tone, explains that if Sam is seeing this – that means things did not go as planned, and that he was sorry for never saying how much he loved Sam. As the hologram comes to an end, Sam suddenly discovers that he’s floating in the air. The following morning, the doctor explains to Sam’s mother that Sam has made a complete recovery and now in perfect health. As Sam leaves with his mother, he asks if there’s been any word from his father, and his mother explains that she’s not heard from him yet. Sam stares out into the skies wondering, if that’s where his father is. If everything his father has ever told him and his sister is true.

Later that night, Sam puts the helmet on again and begins to practice being Nova, unaware that his mother is watching him. Sam able to speed and turn, realizes he has no idea how to stop, and crash lands on the moon – thankful that the helmet has provided a visor that allows him to breathe. When he looks up, he sees a massive foot and finds himself at the feet of … The Watcher.