Justice #3 (LS)

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Justice #3 (LS)

The Adrenamix Corporation just outside Baton Rouge. Things seem fairly quiet. And that is exactly how Justice wants it. Using his telekinesis he takes out the guards with great ease.

Vance bursts into the Adrenamix Corporation using his power to shatter the walls, stunning those inside. However, much to Justice’s own surprise he finds himself under attack by a team called Psigns of the Times. Something distort his sense of reality, then shocks him, then slams him to the ground. When he finally has a second to breathe he sees four people standing in front of him, each with a number on their forehead. Number 14 seems to be able to control a form of slime, while Number 33 is capable of using electrical powers, Number 66 is able to warp reality and Number 107 is a hulking figure of raw strength.

Justice recalls twenty eight hours ago when he spoke with Captain America at Avengers Mansion. Captain America speaks with Justice about the importance of knowing not just who we are, where we have been, but also where we’re going. He allows Justice to use his shield during the training.

When Justice comes to, he creates a telekinetic shield of his own and begins fighting the numbered team who took him down so hard. Using his telekinetic shield he deflects the slime back at the one capable of electrical control. Then he bubbles them both. However the hulking one refuses to listen until Justice manages to take him down as well. It’s then he learns that six of them survived the experiments Adrenamix Corporation had put them through. They explain Alison was one of them and that they were ordered to bring her back and that she fell to her death fleeing them. The other was a boy, who was forced to be released, because the father threatened to contact the police.

With their testimony leads to the arrest of Gaulthing. However, Justice knows this isn’t over yet. There’s one more person out there who had been modified who remains out there, unknown to what their fate is. And Justice swears he will find them and save them – or stop them – which ever it takes.