New Warriors #11 (V5)

New Warriors #11 (V5)


The issue begins with Makkari, the speedster from the Eternals, grabbing Justice and hauling him out of the High Evolutionary’s ship and bringing him to a mountain. Justice, tries in vain, to try and explain that they were trying to save the world, but Makkari wants nothing to do with him.

The scene shifts back inside the High Evolutionary’s ship, where Jake Waffles is mourning the loss of his friend, Mr. Whiskers, who had been incinerated by the “devolution” gun. Speedball ascertains the situation; nothing that Sun Girl and Haechi appear to be ready to jump back into the fray, while Watersnake and Silhouette seem fully aware of how bad the situation is; and Nova and Hummingbird, two of their most powerful members, look like a deer caught in headlights.

Speedball watches as one of the Eternals from the Delphan Brothers relentlessly pounds away at Scarlet Spider. When Zuras asks Makkari about Justice and Makkari replies with, “He’s been taken care of.” Scarlet Spider extends his bone-like claws and lunges for Makkari; but the Eternal’s speed is too much and he easily out maneuvers Scarlet Spider’s attempt to attack and renders him unconscious. Zuras is about to crush Scarlet Spider’s skull when Speedball slams into him; only to be hit by the same Eternal that had been beating Scarlet Spider senseless.

At the same time, the fight resumes, with Haechi assuming his “dragon” form and breathing fire; while Sun Girl attempts to take down Makkari; Silhouette teleports Ajak through the floor and Watersnake takes on Titanis. Nova shows up and takes out Titanis by slamming her through the ship. Scarlet Spider recovers and manages to take out Makkari. It’s when Hummingbird attempts to mentally manipulate Zuras that she suddenly buckles over and screams. And in that moment, the tide of battle turns. Ajak appears back through the teleporter and grabs Silhouette from behind; Makkari speeds by and takes out Sun Girl and Jake Waffles; Phastos slams his hammer on the ground and stuns Haechi; and the Delphan Brothers resume their relentless attack on Scarlet Spider.

Nova suddenly bursts through the ship with an unconscious Titanis; however, even Nova is quickly overcome by the power of the Eternals. Phastos kneels down next to one of the Evolutionaries and speaks of how he had created them to help humanity, which starts Sun Girl ranting about how they were murdering innocent people, such as mutants. Zuras using his power to silence Sun Girl, claiming she is speaking lies. High Evolutionary tells Zuras that he should have expected resistance; which makes Makkari question why there was even a need for resistance? Makkari begins to feel that Zuras is hiding something, and even Phastos weighs in that machine the High Evolutionary plans to use is a machine of genocide. This buys Watersnake enough time to impale High Evolutionary with her trident and renew her attack only to be blasted by Zuras’ optical beams. Zuras commands the other Eternals to see to it that High Evolutionary does not die and that he will start the machine to “save humanity.”

Elsewhere, on the mountain, Justice bursts out from the snow; and this time he’s done trying to negotiate things.