Darkhawk #48 (V1)

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The issue begins with Darkhawk, Ned Dobbs, and Portal fending off an attack by the Mahari. One of the aliens gets the drop on Darkhawk, and buys another alien some time to get a shot ready to take out Portal. But Darkhawk, recalling again that his power was limited by his imagination, focuses and summons a gun that was on the Darkhawk Ship to shoot the alien off of his hover craft. They manage to defeat the aliens, but the alien swears that they’re only but the first wave that will come. There will be others who will come in wave after wave, until they accomplish their mission. They plan to attack the aliens on the ship but discover that the aliens have blocked Portal’s ability to port to the ship or to Null Space.

In Null Space, the Mahari continue to work. They mold another Darkhawk armor and fuse Kistur to the new armor… creating a new being!

On Earth, Chris and Laura ride within the subway and hear on the news how Darkhawk is back. Laura tells Chris that he should find Darkhawk and ask where he disappeared to. Chris is puzzled, as both Cheryl and Allegra were not this understanding and supportive. Elsewhere, Chris’ friends, Cheryl, Headset and the others are just leaving the school club gathering; discussing if Chris would ever join them; and how Headset’s feelings were hurt when he waved at Chris and Chris ignored him.  Watching it all, Chris’ new friend Dean Coburn smirks. He then goes to Chris’ locker and picks the lock, placing something within the locker. He then makes a call and informs someone that he has accomplished what was asked. Elsewhere in the Antique Shop, Harry seems about ready to do something to Mike, when he’s suddenly shot; and Mike is clubbed on the side of the head, knocking him out. Grace goes to Ivy, elsewhere, and hands her the envelope; only to discover that she’s been set up, and not far away, Norbert Newland smiles. And not far away, Jason and Jon are fighting; Jon doesn’t want to go to the school for gifted children, but their fight is interrupted as they are apparently “arrested.”

Elsewhere, Portal and Darkhawk land in New Mexico, where Portal explains that he first ran into the alien Kistur, wearing the green Darkhawk armor, who had tried to convince him to join his criminal league. When he refused, Kistur tried to kill him, but Charles, who had acquired a gun, dodged and fired the gun, striking the “Darkhawk Crystal.” Kistur appeared to be dead, so Charles took the Darkhawk armor for himself and called himself Portal. Portal recovered the amulet and tried to use it but it did nothing for him, so he took it. Portal leaves to head back to New York, wondering if the Mahari had lied about attacking New Mexico. Just as he does, Darkhawk suddenly finds himself confronted by a giant sized “Darkhawk” calling itself The Overhawk.