Nova #12 (V5)

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Nova #12 (V5)

The issue begins with Tyro, the Technarch whom Warlock had adopted to show him a new way of living. However, the approach of it’s father – it’s Siredam – has triggered the Technarches natural response to fight or die.

Warlock continues to try to calm Tyro, while talking to Nova who is severely infected with the Techno-Organic Virus. Warlock then commands Tyro to flee and that he will help Tyro buy some time.

Warlock then approaches Nova, asking if it’s true that he holds the entire Nova Force within his body. When Nova confirms it to be true, Warlock gives his own life force to Nova, granting him the strength needed to recover.

Nova then proceeds to attack Tyro’s father – having promised Warlock he would hold him off for as long as he could – so that Tyro could make good of his escape.

Nova learns that through Warlock’s sacrifice, he is cured of the Techno-Organic Virus and operating at full capacity. Worldmind continues to insist that Nova leave, but Nova refuses to, having made the promise to Warlock. Worldmind then informs that even at full capacity, Nova could never beat Tyro’s father. Nova remarks that he never said he’d beat – only keep it occupied for as long as he could, so that Tyro could escape.

However, Tyro comes burning out of the sky, refusing to run – right into the hands of its father – which proceeds to rip him in half and devour him. However, Tyro’s father lets out a roar – and Worldmind reports that the creatures coding is rapidly being rewritten. Suddenly Tyro’s voice emerges from the large frame. Tyro explains that Tyro’s father could not handle the rapid rewriting Tyro’s body was causing; a risk he had intentionally made by allowing his father devour him. Now controlling his father’s large form, he had plenty of power and plenty of Life Glow. Nova rapidly raced down and grabbed Warlock and brought him to Tyro’s new form.

Tyro was able to give some of his own vast storage of Life Glow to Warlock, restoring him back to the way he was. Nova returns to Gamora and Drax and finds them cured of the Techno Virus as well. While Drax seems thankful (as thankful as one like Drax ever gets), Gamora seemed lost and distraught at the notion that she had been cured of the Techno Virus.

Warlock and Tyro offer their aid against the Phalanx that threatens the Kree.