Nova #10 (V6)

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Nova #6 (V6)

NOTE: Though this is issue #10, the cover states it’s #100, since 100 issues of Nova have been published with this issue.

The issue begins with Sam giving the example, that after an epic battle with the Avengers, that he would have to call his mother. Robbie explains that, that should not be asking too much so that his mother knows where he’s at and that he’s fine. His mother explains that the Avengers are always in some kind of major fight – and that if he joined Robbie and Vance, as a part of the New Warriors, there would be less of a chance of fighting some intergalactic threat. Sam tells Robbie and Vance to leave, but his mother informs Sam that she told them that they could stay the night, because they were out of money and had no place to stay.


Carrie shows up outside Sam’s bedroom as Vance and Robbie are sleeping, and Sam goes outside to meet her in the garage, which still has the hole in it. As Sam tries to explain his secret identity, since she has already pieced together that Sam was Nova, Carrie grows furious that he would have kept that from her, because he wasn’t sure who he could trust – when she had kept the secret of Sam helping his father, for three years, clean up the bathrooms, so Sam’s father could keep his job. Carrie leaves, furious, and Sam thinks to himself that he was about to show her the helmet and maybe give her a ride as Nova. Sam’s mother comes out, and as Sam tries to explain what he was doing, his mother yells at him about not telling people about his secret identity – Sam gets upset and blasts off to the moon, to talk to the one person who never says anything back – The Watcher.

The Watcher begins to show Sam, a battle in which Nova fought Star Thief as a part of The New Warriors. And how that same Nova, went on to fight Annihilus. Then went on to fight the Phalanx. Sam understands, and returns to Earth the following morning, where he agrees to sign the agreement to become a member of The New Warriors. From high above, somewhere on the moon, The Watcher smiles.

Note: As a special 100th issue – it shows all 100 covers for Nova – as well as an additional story by Gerry Duggan who takes over as the regular writer in the following issues.

The story begins with Principal Philbin arriving at Sam Alexander’s house, and speaking with Sam’s mother about Sam’s attendance – explaining that he will probably need to do Summer School or repeat the year again. Elsewhere, somewhere in space, Sam, as Nova fights an unknown alien species that resembles a cross between a lizard and a killer whale. Sam helps save the ship that was under attack and enters the ship to see if everyone is all right (hoping to meet a princess and get a metal, like Star Wars). After helping them, Sam returns to Earth – but as he does, weird lights flash before his eyes – and when he lands, he finds that his vision is nearly gone!