Night Thrasher #7 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #7 (V2)

The issue begins with Midnight’s Fire in Madripoor, running for his life. He’s eventually hit by several tasers and when he turns to ask who it is that’s chasing him; his answer comes in the form of an electronic shock. It is revealed to be Bandit, who leaves Midnight’s Fire dangling.

The scene shifts to Manhattan where Silhouette is practicing her moves on the rooftops and loses her concentration when someone speaks to her in the dark. The person in the shadows throws off Silhouette’s balance. When she looks for the person – who she knows is Bandit – who has disappeared. The one thing that bothers Silhouette the most, is that she finds herself enjoying the cat and mouse game she is sharing with him.

The scene shifts to the Taylor Foundation meeting, where Dwayne Taylor introduces the newest addition to the Taylor Foundation; Sherman Ashley, the butler. They begin to discuss the new business in Africa regarding Hydro-Electronic Dam Project, which was being funded by Stark Enterprises.

An hour later, the meeting breaks up. Dwayne and Chord meet Speedball and Sprocket at the New Warriors Crashpad, where Sprocket and Chord work on the newly discovered lower level of the Crashpad that had been constructed by A.I.M. Night Thrasher and Speedball meanwhile train in the training room. As Speedball and Night Thrasher train, Speedball begins to discuss with Night Thrasher that Silhouette may want to patch things up. Dwayne shows up to talk to Silhouette when Bandit also arrives. Bandit tasers Dwayne sending him through the window.

Dwayne flips himself onto the roof and is rapidly followed by Bandit and Silhouette. Silhouette attempts to stop the fight, but Bandit stops her. Bandit tasers Dwayne once again – sending him off the roof. Bandit holds him there and explains, “I’m the man who stole back everything from you because you stole it from me. You’re Abel to my Cain. And you may as well die knowing that the man who killed you was your brother.”

Bandit then lets Dwayne fall into the alleyway.