Nova #16 (V2)

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Nova #16 (V2)

The issue begins with Nova and Grot searching a volcanic planet for Kraa. Grot mentions that Kraa’s race is exceptionally well at hiding their life signs and could be anywhere; unbeknownst to them that Kraa is literally just beneath them, under a cliff.

Kraa does not hide for long, springing forward and blasting Grot, apparently killing him. Nova, furious, adjusts his costume to the original Nova look, claiming that Kraa would know it well – since it was the uniform that was used to defeat Zorr.

Kraa realizes that Rich was the one who helped Rhomann Dey and grows furious. He tells Nova to cease resisting, that he is going to die regardless. Nova however, dodges every blast and does a “Nova Star Blast”, followed by the infamous eye blasts. However, Kraa hardly seems phased as he slaps Nova away.

Suddenly, Zorr appears telling his brother that the war must stop – but mentions he was with the Kymaera, blue skinned people like themselves – and suddenly Nova realizes that it is Muraitak (having mentioned that Namorita had gone from blue to pink skin, when Nova was tricked by Muraitak). Nova uses Kraa’s surprise to his advantage and thanks the Skrull for reminding him of home and those he cared for.

Kraa still manages to bat Nova away; but when Kraa threatens to destroy Earth next, that’s when suddenly Nova regains his confidence and catches Kraa’s fist in mid-air, much to the surprise of Kraa himself.

Nova then uppercuts Kraa with so much force that teeth and blood spill from Kraa’s mouth like a fountain. Nova topples Kraa, who falls back, speechless; unconscious. Muraitak then tells Rich to hurry back to Earth. When Nova asks if Muraitak will get in trouble for letting him go, Muraitak assures him that he probably will; but his conscious is clean.

The scene shifts to the Ram’s Head floating in space, where Planner and Thera are forced to watch as the Aarkon places the final piece to the bomb. At that moment, in space – Nova warps through a star gate.

Nova speaks with Robbie, hoping he’s found out how to stop the storm. But Robbie only tells him that Nova 0:0 said he couldn’t tell him how it worked, because he wasn’t certain either. Robbie tells Nova not to fight it, but to surrender to it; and become one with the storm. A nova flare is seen in the sky and Nova takes off towards it. He sees that it’s Nova 0:0 and also sees that he’s fighting what, by Robbie’s description, is the Aarkon, and losing. But Nova 0:0 tells Nova to ignore him and to get aboard the Ram’s Head ship and stop the bomb. Nova 0:0 is shot through the chest, saving Nova.

Nova makes it aboard the Ram’s Head and easily begins dispatching all the Aarkon that come his way. Nova decides its better to pass them and get to the bomb. He blasts it, and it absorbs everything he throws at it. That’s when he realizes that the bomb isn’t aboard the Ram’s Head; it’s actually in the sun. The bomb is meant to take out the sun, and that’s why the blackness comes.

Nova flies out to the sun and sees the black spot in the sun – he then opens himself up and absorbs everything – just as the blackness launches. Nova then flies away, his own form only an inky black figure. He unleashes the power; and for a brief moment, it’s as if a new star was born in our solar system. It’s a beautiful thing to behold; but for those too close, like the Ram’s Head; the shock waves shatter the ship to pieces, leaving no survivors.

Nova sees another nova flare and lands on the planet, where he sees Nova 0:0, and his mask is off – it’s none other than Robbie. Nova 0:0 explains that in his timeline, the Nova Corps had chosen the brother with the higher IQ; and that it was irony that Nova figured out where the bomb was and how to defeat it; not the brother with the higher IQ. With that, Nova 0:0 leaves the mortal coil.