Night Thrasher #9 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #10 (V2)

The issue opens up with officers examining a body found in an alleyway – the third body in two weeks. This time, rather than the typical broken neck – this victim suffered broken arms, legs, neck, spine and skull. Unaware to the police officers, the villain known as Tantrum is watching; drugs rapidly pouring through and altering the state of his mind.

The scene shifts to Sprocket and Chord knocking on Dwayne’s door, trying to convince him to come out of his room. When Sherman arrives, he delivers dinner to Dwayne, who takes the food then shuts the door on them again. Inside, Dwayne has uncovered an assortment of information – not only about his father, but his family. He discovered that his grandfather was a lawyer who worked with Thurgood Marshall; his grandmother gained national attention by successfully defying the McCarthy Commission. His grandparents were major players in the fledgling civil rights movement. During this time, a scan came in from a police report with a picture of the villain Tantrum – someone that Night Thrasher had previously fought.

Dwayne dons the Night Thrasher armor, once again opting for the full mask look again. Sprocket flies Night Thrasher to the specified landing and Night Thrasher exits the back of the helicopter with the specialized car.

The scene shifts to Nadua, a small country off the eastern African coastline where Father Michael Janes of the Taylor Foundation is led by J’Bada to show him the Stark Enterprises prototype plasma inversion dam. Father Michael is surprised to see the dam completed. He goes on to explain to J’Bada that the Taylor Foundation will help him and his people and ensure that the dam is taken down so that J’Bada and his people will not be forced to move from their homelands.

The scene takes another shift, this time back to the Taylor Foundation where the butler Sherman is examining Night Thrasher’s room. It was there he found a disk labeled “1992 Financial Disbursement.” He pockets the disk and leaves the room.

Another change, and we find Night Thrasher at the home of the one known as Tantrum. Among the drugs that Tantrum used to alter his mental and physical state – Night Thrasher was surprised to find such things as Tamoxifin, Demerol, Cytoxin, and Theophylline; all medication used to combat Cancer. When Tantrum arrives back to his home, he could smell the seal on Night Thrasher’s armor. Tantrum leaps at Night Thrasher claiming that he was out of control and the only way to stop him would be to kill him.

When Night Thrasher explains he will not kill Tantrum, even if he is suffering from a terminal cancer; Tantrum pulls out two knives and explains that he will continue to kill until he’s killed, one way or another. When Tantrum threatens an elderly women he knows, Night Thrasher takes two shots and takes Tantrum out. He saves the elderly woman and leaves Tantrum barely living.