Nova #3 (V1)

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Nova #3 (V1)

The scene opens up with the man once known as Arch Dyker smashing robotic duplicates of Thor, Nova and Spider Man. Now known as Diamondhead, he trashes a number of missiles that are shot at him within his training room; as well as enduring a number of machine gun shots.

Diamondhead recalls his own past; about how he always enjoyed beating on people who portrayed the good guys. Later he became a championship boxer before moving on to become a criminal where he broke into the South Hampton Science Institute and stole a diamond, accidentally being struck with a laser that changed him forever.

The scene changes to Richard Rider where he finds himself being scolded by his father for fighting in school. He sent up to his room to ponder his actions. Rich’s mother comes up and explains that there are certain problems at his father’s school that the parents want him as the principal to solve – and that he was having a difficult time of it. When Richard’s mother leaves, he dons on the Nova outfit and flies out the window.

Nova catches the police radio again – and flies to see what can be done. He comes upon the scene with several robbers having a shoot out with the local police. Nova discovers that he is bullet proof, and takes one robber down easily. The second attempts to flee in the car and Nova stops in front of it; forcing the car to crash into him. The car crumbles while Nova stands unscathed.

At school Richards ends up in another fight – with Mike, and lands a punch that sends Mike flying off. Rich makes himself scarce before the fight continues so that no one can put together that he might be the man called Nova!

Elsewhere, Diamondhead allows himself to be arrested and put in jail. The police are unaware of intentions and that he had wanted to be arrested – where he could get the package that had been found on the villainous Powerhouse. At that same time, Rich is playing a game with his brother when the radio announces that Diamondhead had escaped with the container found on Powerhouse. Richard excuses himself and dons the Nova outfit to go investigate. He gets there and the first thing Diamondhead does is smack Nova so hard that it sends him flying out of a window. Nova meets him at the bottom of the stairs – where Diamondhead hits him again. This time Nova tackles him – but that proves very little.

Elsewhere at Roger’s house, Bernie leaves just as someone comes to Roger’s door – claiming to be someone that Roger had thought he murdered.

Back to the fight, Nova seems unable to stop Diamondhead. Nova fears for the worse when Diamondhead strikes a concrete wall while standing on a train. Nova, however, is unable to find Diamondhead. In an alleyway, Diamondhead watches Nova fly off – and turns to see Condor, whom he strikes up a partnership with.