Night Thrasher #3 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #3 (V2)

The issue opens with a beaten and broken Silhouette slumped in an alleyway, blood trickling from her lips and her hair disheveled. Missing one brace, Silhouette can barely hobble away, making her easy prey. It doesn’t take long for the attacker to show himself again. Silhouette calls to him, believing it to be her brother, Midnight’s Fire. The person jumps down from the roof, kicking Silhouette’s brace away – and pulls her up by her wrist, revealing that it is indeed – Midnight’s Fire.

The scene shifts to where we see Tyger staring out the window of one of Madripoor’s luxury penthouse. Inside, a shackled and beaten Night Thrasher hangs by his wrists. Inside, the villain named Aardwolf. Night Thrasher and Aardwolf exchange dialogue, as Night Thrasher learns that it is indeed Midnight’s Fire who is leading the Concrete Dragons, and was now in Madripoor, trying to get his own corner of the prominent crime world in Madripoor.

Night Thrasher frees himself of the binds that hold him and Aardwolf admits to being impressed, but informs Night Thrasher that he would never be able to handle the truth about Silhouette.

The scene shifts to the Taylor Foundation, where a meeting is in process. Andrew Chord informs Ms. Hancook that the governing board of the Taylor Foundation has rejected her proposal of using their air fields in Bosnia for her cargo transporters; citing reasons such as the FAA as well as a number of drug enforcement agencies are investing Hancook Transport Airlines.

The scene shifts to San Francisco, where we see Delbert – better known as the villainous Tantrum – flying out of a window. When he lands he finds he’s struck by several needles attached to a thin wire. Before he can react he is electrocuted by the man called Bandit, who makes it clear by stating, “If Night Thrasher can barely hold his own against third rate villains like Tantrum, how is he going to stop me from killing him?” – that he has a beef with Night Thrasher.

The scene shifts again, this time to Midnight’s Fire and Silhouette, where we see him tending lovingly to Silhouette’s wounds. He explains that no matter what her actions have been in the past; one thing will always be true; and that she is his sister, and there is no bond that can break or come between them. Silhouette questions why he has gotten into the crime scene of Madripoor, and Midnight’s Fire explains that after fleeing the fight (see New Warriors vol. 1 #25), they crashed the Quinjet that they had stolen from the New Warriors. He goes on to explain that his team mates (Bloodstrike, Smiling Tiger, and Firewall (who, actually was going by the name of Silver Fever by this point) had taken a liking to the life style of Madripoor and were a driving force, once they decided to edge their way into criminal activities and dealings. They had even managed to capture the attention of the two dueling crime lords, General Coy Minh and Aardwolf.

Silhouette interrupts him and explains that Andrew Chord was their father, and that he did not abandon them – but rather they had been taken from him and he grieved for them the entire time. She went on to explain that when Midnight’s Fire left the Concrete Dragons behind, they had turned to her for help and leadership – and she went on to explain that she was nearly dragged back into the very life she was trying to leave behind – the life that he had dragged her into. Midnight’s Fire stops her and explains that Aardwolf intended to take Madripoor’s drug wars to American soil after learning that the Taylor Foundation board member, Gai No Don had been helping him smuggle merchandise into the states from Madripoor; and that the only way to save Taylor would be taking down Aardwolf.

The scene cuts back to Aardwolf and Night Thrasher. Aardwolf reveals that Silhouette had been working with the Concrete Dragons since the first day that her brother, Midnight’s Fire, had gone to jail; by turning a blind eye to their activities, as well as sharing information, funneling money, as well as other questionable actions. Night Thrasher tells Aardwolf that he doesn’t believe her, except Aardwolf manages to provide a tape that was recorded fourteen months ago showing her dealing with the Concrete Dragons. However, the tape is without sound, black and white, and of poor quality. Then Aardwolf provides an audio cassette recorded only four months ago, where Silhouette is recorded as saying that she needs to protect the Concrete Dragons until her brother, Midnight’s Fire is released from jail.

Aardwolf and Night Thrasher resume fighting; and eventually end up flying out the window. Night Thrasher, who may have been smaller and slower, has experience over Aardwolf and turns Aardwolf’s weight against him, using his body to take the brunt of the impact. Night Thrasher then turns his attention to finding Silhouette – when suddenly he sees her – along with the rest of the Folding Circle – and in that moment, wonders if Aardwolf was telling the truth all along…