Night Thrasher #15 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #15 (V2)

The issue begins at the Regency Arms Apartments where we see Night Thrasher and Rage fighting a number of hoodlums who are there to threaten and frighten the apartment tenants in a hope of frightening them away so that the plot could be sold for an exceptional amount of money. But the apartments are low income apartments, and the homes that would replace them would mean more people who could never hope to find a new place to live.

It takes very little time for the hoodlums to lie there, defeated at the hands of Night Thrasher and Rage. The police arrive and take away the hoodlums. Nearby, Night Thrasher spots a limo – and using the receivers in his helmet – he double checks the license plate – and discovers it belongs to none other than Margaris Construction and Management. Night Thrasher threatens Margaris – who in turn blows off the threat, completely unaffected.

The scene shifts again – this time to Dwayne and Silhouette who have made plans for the evening – but Chord interrupts them to inform Dwayne that a very serious issue has come up that requires his attention. Dwayne tries to tell Chord to have someone else – like the Fantastic Four, or even Squirrel Girl to attend to it – but when Chord shows Night Thrasher the monitor, he turns to Silhouette and asks that they reschedule. Silhouette is bitter and leaves, the wedge between them growing ever deeper.

Rage and Night Thrasher arrive to a building where a number of scientists are on the verge of a potential cure to Aids – but having dumped all their money for research, they lack the money for the rental cost of the building and equipment. The landlord threatened and won a court order on the scientists – however, when they had gone to kick them out – they found the building protected by none other than The Incredible Hulk! Night Thrasher and Rage show up to try to put a quick end to this – and when Night Thrasher mouths off to the Hulk – a simple back hand sends Night Thrasher flying through several floors!

Rage lands two punches to an unimpressed Hulk. Hulk returns the favor with a punch that sends Rage crashing into the wall. Rage comments that it was a nice punch and comes back to return the favor. Hulk nods and acknowledges the punch as well. Night Thrasher tries to jump in to stop it – but Hulk uses Rage’s body as a shield to smack Night Thrasher away. Night Thrasher finally screams and tells everyone to stop. Night Thrasher explains that they’re not there to fight – but to find a happy medium. Night Thrasher learns that the landlord would gladly accept a check – and so that’s what Night Thrasher does – pays all the rent and back rent of the organization, saving it from all being confiscated and wiped.

Night Thrasher returns home to find a note from Silhouette claiming that they can never be together. When Chord mentions that several of Margaris’ men have burned down the Regency Arms Apartments, Night Thrasher grows furious that money is the issue with everything – so he decides he will purchase Margaris Construction and Management. When Chord corrects him and tells him that it won’t be that easy and that he will have to pass it before the board; Dwayne then retorts that as the official majority stock holder and owner of the Taylor Foundation, he dissolves the board – because he’s tired of having to jump through hoops and everything being so complicated. He swears from here out things are going to get done when they need to be done.