Night Thrasher #16 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #16 (V2)

The issue begins with Night Thrasher on fire as a villain named Flashburn singes him; hired by several drug lords to protect the incoming narcotics. Night Thrasher breaks free of Flashburn then shows him a series of pictures – all of Flashburn. Night Thrasher promises to show them to his wife and kids if he doesn’t give up his criminal ways. Flashburn agrees and leaves. The pictures and information on Flashburn was gained easily by Night Thrasher – money.

Night Thrasher uses his new position and money as sole owner of the Taylor to make several changes in the Taylor Foundation and it’s associates.

The next scene shows Dwayne, Rage and Chord sitting in Dwayne’s office. Chord questions how Dwayne is acquiring the information that he’s getting – to which, Dwayne informs Chord that if he doesn’t like the way he runs his business – he can quit. He then gets up and tells Rage to go with him and tells Chord to work on developing a deal with Retrodyne.

Night Thrasher and Rage bust up several gang members – but this time uncovering the next step in their war against crime – super guns. Through his near infinite resources, Night Thrasher had learned that a series of “super guns” were being pushed out into the street. The gang members had the very “super guns” that he had heard about; and after rapidly defeating them questioned them as to where they had acquired the weapons.

Night Thrasher and Rage then raid the warehouse from which the gang members had obtained the super guns – and hold their own, until they shoot the floor beneath Rage, sending him falling into the basement. Night Thrasher eventually finds himself surrounded and just when things seemed to be at their worse – another hero bursts onto the scene – The Prowler!

With the arrival of The Prowler the fight turns in favor of the heroes once more, leading to the defeat of the villains. Night Thrasher learns from Prowler who was making the guns and contacts Chord to purchase Sinergy, the company manufacturing the guns, and orders Chord to fire everyone there and shut the company down.

When Prowler leaves, we see that S.H.I.E.L.D. is spying on Night Thrasher and captures his conversation with Prowler on video and audio.