New Warriors #5 (V4)

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New Warriors #5 (Volume 4)

The issue begins with everyone witnessing the death of Longstrike. Phaser, her brother, in a fit of rage, unleashes a tremendous amount of power at one of the members of the Zodiac. With that single event, the tide rapidly turns against the New Warriors.

Night Thrasher is forced to save Phaser before the blast is reflected back at him. At the same time, Ripcord is having difficultly against another member of Zodiac. She’s thrown and slammed into Decibel, which knocks him off balance.

Zodiac keeps the New Warriors at a disadvantage, refusing to let up. It’s not until the mysterious arrival of a young boy on a bike, claiming to “be one of the New Warriors” shows up and is blasted by one of the members of the Zodiac team that suddenly Sofia lunges forward and manages to distract Scopio.

The New Warriors take this chance to quickly recover and counter the Zodiac. During this time, Sofia checks on the boy on the bike and is blasted from the back. Wondra slams a car on top of one of the members of the Zodiac team – and paramedics arrive and promise Night Thrasher to take care of Sofia. The New Warriors make quick of their escape before S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives.

As the New Warriors leave, there is someone seen watching the paramedics who seem doubtful that anyone can save Sofia. The scene then shifts to Sofia flying before her mother again; who tells her it is not yet her time to come. Sofia comes out of the coma induced surgery, and overhears the doctors talking about the New Warriors and their fight against the Zodiac.

Another scene shift and we find Tony Stark being scolded on the phone by Secretary Kooning, because his team known as The Initiative had their heads handed to them in the fight against the Zodiac, and had it not been for the arrival of these “New Warriors” it would have ended tragically for the team.

Another scene shift finds Officers Givens and Sykes following their next lead, which takes them before none other than Black Panther, and Ororo Monore, better known as the X-Man named Storm. After making things difficult for the Officers because of his Diplomatic Immunity, he finally gives them the manifest that they requested about equipment from the Wakanda Corporation.

The scene shifts yet again, this time back to the New Warriors, where after some bickering and pointing of the blame; Night Thrasher tells everyone to be quiet – and that as of that very moment – the New Warriors were officially disbanded.