Nova #12 (V6)

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Nova #6 (V6)

The issue begins with Nova sneaking into Cadivan’s ship and finding the Nova Corp Helmet. (Note: In the previous issue, The Nova Corp helm appeared to be a replica of Sam’s helmet – that it appeared to be one of the Black Nova Corp helmets – however, in the opening of this issue, it’s clearly one of the standard golden Nova Corp helmets). As Nova touches it, it begins to broadcast the video of the Nova Corp’s final moments – it appears to be a humanoid with a lizard tale – and the video shows Cadivan killing the Nova Corp by stabbing him through the head. Cadivan shows up and takes Sam’s helmet from him. When Sam tries to confront Cadivan, he explains that matters are not what they always seem. Cadivan determines that killing Sam would neither be sport or profit – and teleports Sam out of his ship. Sam decides to forget hunting down dead Nova’s and asks his helmet for something else – it shows an arrow, which Sam believes to be a distress signal.

The scene shifts back to Earth, where Sam’s mother successfully lands a job at a diner, working for Mr. Taylor.

Shifting back to space, Sam appears in front of a massive Nova Starship that appears to be attacked by space pirates. Sam flies by one of the ships attacking the Nova Starship and dismantles their laser cannons by blasting them. Nova flies by and dismantles the second attacking ship, and then uses his Nova Force to help push the Nova Starship to safety. Nova makes his way aboard the Nova Starship where he meets a man who introduces himself as Captain Skaarn. Skaarn takes Nova into the “engine room” where he sees a dead Nova strapped to a machine. Skaarn’s tinkerer explains that the Nova’s body came under attack, and killed his mind – but his body lived on. So they would stimulate his mind, and harness the Nova power it generated to power the engines. Skaarn calls forth Jinin to help convince Sam to charge the Nova corpse. Sam does so, and Skaarn thanks Nova and says that they’re going “nowhere.” With that, Sam leaves.

Back onboard the Nova Starship, we see “Captain” Skaarn is not all that he appears to be. He shoves Jinin into a room, explaining that they’re all headed for the Slave Market.

The scene shifts yet again, and we see a Korbinite reporting to Beta Ray Bill, that a Black Nova Corp member from Earth, helped the pirate Skaarn escape – and that Beta Ray Bill’s people, other Korbinites, are possibly still on the Nova Starhsip as slaves…