Nova #13 (V6)

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Nova #6 (V6)

The issue begins with Sam feeling great about himself, his mother reminding him that he has to be home tonight to babysit his sister, while she goes to work. As Sam skateboards along, his hit, yet again, by Moffet. Sam asks what he’s done to make Moffet hate him so much; and he explains that it’s Sam’s fault for ratting him out that he has two weeks detention. Sam tries to explain that the principal saw Moffet hit Sam, and Sam did not rat him out.

A fight breaks out, where Moffet grabs Sam’s bag and Sam throws dirt into Moffet’s eyes. As Moffet wipes the sand out of his eyes, Beta Ray Bill appears between them. Moffet bolts, but runs into a sign and knocks himself out. Beta Ray Bill believes that Moffet is the Black Nova he is looking for, because the signature traces back to him – but that’s because Moffet has Sam’s bag with the helmet in it. Sam tries to buy some time, while getting his Nova helmet out of the bag and changing back into Nova. Without any questions asked, Sam immediately attacks Beta Ray Bill assuming that he’s an evil being hunting down Nova. Beta Ray Bill smacks Nova, and explains that he is a disgrace to all the Novas that came before him. Beta Ray Bill knocks a telephone pole down on top of Nova; but Nova in turns, uses it to hit Beta Ray Bill. Beta Ray Bill stands and summons a lightning bolt to short Nova’s armor, then gently walks over and places Stormbringer on Nova’s chest, knowing that the magical enchantment of only those who are worthy being able to lift the hammer. Beta Ray Bill explains that Nova should have never helped Skaarn. Nova uses a gravity pulse to free himself from being under the hammer and hits Beta Ray Bill, then pauses and realizes what Beta Ray Bill has said about Skaarn being a slaver. Sam throws his helmet down and tries to kick it, but it automatically moves out of the way.

Beta Ray Bill realizes that Sam is not a villain and that he was misguided by Skaarn’s deception. Sam asks Beta Ray Bill if he can go – to make this right, and amend the error he has created. Sam flies to Carrie and asks her to cover for him and babysit tonight, because he has some things to take care of. Sam then introduces Beta Ray Bill to his mother and Carrie. Together, Beta Ray Bill and Nova venture into space to hunt down Skaarn.