New Warriors #4 (V5)

New Warriors #4 (V5)


New Warriors #4 opens with a flashback to several months ago in Ethiopia, as the High Evolutionary appears and sees the blue energy being, calling himself The Evolutionary, who claims to have been created by a child of the gods. Just as it seems that the two were about to engage in combat, both claiming to have been summoned to that exact location; a mysterious figure halts them from fighting and explains to them that “Judgement Day is coming.”

The scene cuts to the present, where we see Nova is trying to fight off the Evolutionaries, but is eventually overwhelmed. High Evolutionary explains that the time has come, and that they must pay for their sins. He commands the Evolutionary that has Nova by the throat to end it quickly – however, just then, Speedball, Justice, Sungirl and Haechi appear. The New Warriors launch their attack, as Speedball explains that it’s handy having friends who are magicians (explaining how they were teleported to that location). Justice tries to reason with the High Evolutionary, but the High Evolutionary simply explains, “There is no other way.” The Blue Evolutionary grabs Justice and explains that he has seen the light – that mutants are indeed a corruption and must be terminated. Justice blasts him with a telekinesis shot and tells Sungirl, who still can’t believe what’s happening, to free the others. With a rapid shot, she blasts the Evolutionaries that were holding Waternsake, Scarlet Spider and Hummingbird. With all of them free, the New Warriors launch a cohesive attack against the Evolutionaries.

Haechi suddenly explains he doesn’t feel well; and his body changes into a massive creature, resembling a cross between a bear, a lion and a rhino, full of rippling muscles and massive in size. He begins ripping through the Evolutionaries. Speedball meanwhile, bumps into Waternsake and confuses her, momentarily for Namorita, a former member of the New Warriors. Nova, meanwhile is about to explain what the High Evolutionary has made, when he’s blasted in the back and knocked unconscious. High Evolutionary turns the machine on, just as Scarlet Spider manages to shake Nova to a semi-state of consciousness, and asks what the machine is. Nova, barely coherent, explains, “It kills people with powers.”

The New Warriors are brought to their knees, except for Sungirl, who has no powers of her own. High Evolutionary approaches her and takes her hand, explaining that the pain they suffer could have been avoided had he had a longer chance to examine the Nova helmet. Their suffering, he adds, was not his intention. But it is a sacrifice he is willing to make to save the rest of the human race, by destroying all of those who have powers; either mutant, or by other means, such as experiments, etc. Only true humans, would be untouched by the power that the High Evolutionary has unleashed. Sungirl, regaining her composure, blasts High Evolutionary, then quickly blasts and destroys his machine. Furious he stands, and explains that the Celestials are on their way to judge mankind, and because of mutants and other genetic freaks among mankind – the Celestials will doom the planet for destruction.

The Evolutionaries see the machine destroyed and tell High Evolutionary he has failed; and they teleport away; followed shortly by High Evolutionary also making his escape. Justice sees that they have won, and asks who would like to become a member of The New Warriors.

Watersnake refuses. Haechi also declines. Nova explains he has to get home. Hummingbird, emphatically, agrees. Scarlet Spider also declines. Sungirl accepts as well.

Somewhere in the Savage Land, the Evolutionary explains to High Evolutionary that he must rebuild his bomb, before the Executioner arrives to judge the Earth. High Evolutionary explains that he will use the New Warriors as samples; and that their DNA shall be used to cleanse the Earth. He then explains, “The second Evolutionary War has just begun…”