New Warriors #11 (V4)

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New Warriors #11 (Volume 4)

This issue begins in Camp Hammond, one of the locations for the Initiative, where a news reporter has landed an exclusive interview with the former New Warriors; Rage, Justice, Silhouette, and Debrii; along with two others who are considered members of the New Warriors; Slapstick and Ultra Girl.

The news reporter asks why the former Warriors, now a part of the Initiative haven’t gone after the New Warriors; is it a sense of loyalty or that, perhaps, to some degree, they agree with what the Warriors are doing.

This clearly upsets Justice, who is told to calm down by Ultra Girl. Debrii then informs the news reporter that if they were real heroes, they would register; instead they’re off hiding like rats.

The news reporter than asks about the Junior Guardsmen – stating that they perhaps share a similarity to young Nazi training. This is the final straw for Rage, who excuses himself from the meeting.

Justice follows Rage out of the meeting and asks what’s wrong. Rage explains that he feels like he can’t trust Stark or the Initiative. When Justice asks if he plans on joining the New Warriors, Rage informs him that they would do one better – start their own New Warriors.

Incidentally, at Al Diner, Sofia is being interviewed by a news reporter as well, who is questioning how someone who is just a waitress could run out and not only save the child on the bike – but actually attack Scorpio directly! The news reporter however changes her attitude half way through the interview and states that the New Warriors are cowards for not registering, which visibly upsets Sofia. She states that if the New Warriors don’t follow the rules like everyone else, they deserve to be in jail just like the very villains the Warriors are fighting.

Elsewhere, within the New Warriors base, Angel (Tempest) has managed to adjust and increase the capacity of her ice gauntlet. Barry (Black Wing) reminds Angel that she has to test it before actually using it in combat – which results into a playful fight between several members of the New Warriors until Jubilee (Wondra) shows up.

Vin (Skybolt) tells her to screw off, while Jono (Decibel) tells Vin to calm down. Miranda (Ripcord) tells Vin to calm down as well – but Vin won’t have it. Jubilee apologies for being a jerk in the recent days and leaves. Miranda follows Jubilee and has a heart to heart talk with her saying that they all look up to Jubilee, not only as a field leader, but as the one who has spent the most time with the X-Men; so when she is unhappy, the rest of the team becomes uneasy.

The scene shifts to Upstate New York, where the New Warriors are after Machinesmith, who is apparently on the verge of creating a new techno-organic virus. The New Warriors make their way to Machinesmith and attack – discovering that he is completely cybernetic himself, now more machine than man.

Machinesmith temporarily has the New Warriors on the defensive, until they’re able to turn the tables in their favor and take some more initiative against Machinesmith. During the fight, Night Thrasher breaks away from it to sneak down the hall – using his own armor to discover a hidden area and begins downloading information from Machinesmith’s private console. This causes Machinesmith to pause long enough for Wondra’s super strength to shatter him to pieces.

However, their victory is short lived as he begins to almost immediately pull himself back together.

The scene switches back to Sofia at Al’s Diner, still being interviewed. The news reporter states that she wants to make the world aware of how dangerous the New Warriors are. Sofia stands up and informs her that there’s nothing that she can do to help and that she believes in the Warriors, or anyone for that matter, who is willing to stand up and fight for someone else’s rights.

Back to the Warriors fighting Machinesmith – he uses Phaser’s energy to recharge himself then stuns the majority of the Warriors with a huge electrical charge. Night Thrasher manages to grab Ripcord, and Wondra is still conscious – and he orders Wondra to follow him – promising he would come back for the other Warriors. Black Wing manages to come to just as Machinesmith collapses the ceiling – leaving one half of the New Warriors with an exit (Night Thrasher, Ripcord, Wondra and Blackwing) – and leaving the other half (Skybolt, Tempest, Phaser and Decibel) on the other side trapped with Machinesmith.