Darkhawk #17 (V1)

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The issue opens with the Russian terrorists putting a gun to Chris Powell’s head and demanding whatever it is that is in his locker.

Not far away, Assistant Principal Mr. Lopeski calls for help on the phone and manages to tell authorities as to what’s happening; unfortunately he is discovered by one of the Russian terrorists and executed. Scattershot is informed of Lopeski’s final move and his execution and calls an order of Procedure Twenty-Eight, which entails setting up explosives throughout the building. Doctor Vonya refers to Scattershot as Natalia, showing that he’s familiar with who she is. She rattles on about how he had abandoned his responsibilities on showing others like her how to manifest and control their powers. The authorities arrive and ask what their demands are; which is a helicopter to the airport and a fully fueled 747.

Elsewhere, the terrorist that has Chris Powell at gunpoint simply blows up Chris’ locker and discards the amulet as trash. He then turns to execute Chris, as an example of Chris’ “bravery” and stupidity; but Chris uses some moves from Karata class to overcome the terrorist and buy him enough time to scramble back to the Darkhawk amulet. Darkhawk takes the terrorist down then climbs into a vent to try and sneak into the auditorium where everyone is being held hostage. When Cheryl’s life is in danger, Darkhawk leaps into action. This triggers the fight, where Siberion tries to freeze Darkhawk; and while it doesn’t hurt Darkhawk, he can feel it slowing him down. Doing a dark force blast from the chest he manages to hit Siberion and Scattershot; unfortunately, Volga Belle is right there to hit Darkhawk and knock him over. But a darkforce blasts even knocks Volga Belle back. Scattershot then threatens to detonate the explosives, and that forces Darkhawk to quit. Siberion begins freezing Darkhawk, even as Scattershot attempts to shoot Cheryl again. Darkhawk breaks free of the ice, stunning both Scattershot and Siberion. Doctor Vonya explains that he has managed to get Scattershot’s headset and reverse the signal so that it incapacitated the non powered terrorists. Darkhawk grabs the detonation switch and finds himself fighting all three members of Peristrike Force while Cheryl and Mrs. Bauer get everyone out of the auditorium. Volga Belle seems to have the advantage on Darkhawk, when she covers his amulet, preventing him from blasting, but once again he resorts to his Karate class and flips Volga Belle just as Scattershot intends to shoot Darkhawk. While it seems Darkhawk has won, the sudden appearance of Psi-Wolf changes all of that, as Psi-Wolf telepathically seizes Darkhawk’s mind!