Nova #28 (V6)

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Nova #28 (V6)

This is Chapter 8 of the BLACK VORTEX Saga.

The issue begins with an alien named Gara, sitting on a planet, pondering the return of the Black Vortex, and how they were the last, sole surviving member of their alien species; the rest, wiped out by the Black Vortex.

At that same moment, Sam is flying through space, carrying the Black Vortex, pondering if he should submit to the mirror’s call to make him much more powerful than he already is. The mirror shows Sam saving his face, and fighting Thanos; it also appears to show him what looks like an alternate reality of the Avengers, as well as showing him what seems to be Rich Rider, who was once Nova and gave up his life to save the entire universe. Sam declines the power shown to him by the mirror.

Elsewhere, an being known as Mr. Knife – better known as J’son, the former emperor of the Spartoi – an alien race distantly related to the Shi’ar, assures another alien, Thane – the illegitimate son of Thanos himself, that they will get revenge on the humans of Earth for the senseless slaughter of Thane’s people.

Back at Earth, Nova has hidden the Black Vortex in his bedroom, beneath a sheet. Sam, figuring that any human might find themselves tempted by the Black Vortex uses his newly acquired Avengers ID to see if Vision is present at the Avengers mansion; Jarvis informs him that he’s not, but he will let Vision know when he arrives that Nova is looking for him. Dinner at home is interrupted by the arrival of the Collector seeking out the Black Vortex. Sam changes into Nova and grabs the Black Vortex and heads into space.

At that time, on Spartax, the alien Gara senses the approach of the Black Vortex and flies into space. Outside of the Spartax orbit, Collector is forced to retreat and Nova enters the ship he believes belongs to Starlord – only to discover it’s the ship run by J’son and Thane. Thane manages to get the mirror and accept the power given to him.

The BLACK VORTEX story then continues in STAR-LORD #10.