New Warriors #8 (V2)

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New Warriors #8 (Volume 2)

The issue opens up with Night Thrasher lending a hand to Iron Fist, in the fight against the Hand. When Iron Fist asks why he simply didn’t call, Night Thrasher explains that it’s not his style, and he’s more of an up front and action sort. An explosion just beneath Night Thrasher sends him falling out the window.

Using a line, he stops himself from falling to his possible death below. Climbing back up the line he sees that not only is Iron Fist gone, but all the Hand ninjas are gone as well. He realizes that this time, he may need to call for some back up in this case.

The scene shifts to a bar, where Donna, Namorita, Firestar (Angelica), and Turbo (Mickey) out for ladies night out. While they’re out, Mickey and Angelica talk about how Vance and Angelica have set a wedding date. Donna, who is enthralled to be “hanging out” with super heroes, tells the Warriors that Chris (Bolt) will need their support. When they ask for what, she quickly remembers that Bolt has not told the Warriors that he has the Legacy Virus. So she quickly comes up with the answer of, needing their support since he is new to the super hero business.

Elsewhere, we see Nova and Speedball working on the “New Warriors Movie” script that they’re developing. Another scene shift brings us to Aegis and Bolt coming out of the movies, talking about how Bolt temporarily lost his powers (due to events in Wolverine #149). And not long after that, the Warrior Comm-Badge signals the Warriors to action.

The Warriors show up in Seattle, where he explains that he had gone to Seattle to hone and train with Masahiko. However, one night when Masahiko did not return, Night Thrasher went searching for him, and found him beaten to death. Night Thrasher learned that the assassin organization The Hand was responsible in some manner. Thrasher also reveals that the story of working for Stark had been a cover up to try and locate who had murdered Masahiko. Finding out further details that it had been a 15 year old boy named Junzo Muto who had actually done the killing, as a form of test to become the ultimate leader of The Hand. Night Thrasher also learned that there was one more test to complete – the absorbing of Iron Fist’s special “Chi Force.”

When Night Thrasher begins giving orders, it’s Aegis who begins standing up to him. Nova, who had his own issues with both Aegis and Thrasher, is mildly amused that Aegis is so ready to stand up against Night Thrasher. After the fight is put aside, the Warriors spot what appears to be a lone ninja fleeing. Finding an underground area, the Warriors suddenly find themselves under attack by several ninja assassins, from the Hand.

Aegis and Bolt fall victims to stars in the back. Gas pellets nearly take Nova out of action, until Turbo uses her wind to dissipate the gas, but then finds a ninja assassin strikes her from the back. Another assassin takes a swing at Namorita and cuts off her pony tail, while another assassin chains Speedball’s foot and slams him into Namorita.

Nova uses Aegis’ power to deflect anything come at him, by carrying him and slamming through the door. Inside there, they see Junzo Muto, standing victoriously over Iron Fist. A fight between the Warriors and Junzo breaks out, and with very little effort he defeats each of the Warriors one by one. It comes down to Thrasher and Junzo, and where the rest of the Warriors fail, Thrasher continues to hold his own. However, eventually Thrash begins to tire, and Junzo informs him that where as Thrasher may match him for skill, he lacks the endurance. The Warriors realize that Thrasher will fight to the death; so grabbing him and Danny Rand, the Warriors flee.