Nova #32 (V5)

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Nova #32 (V5)

The issue begins in a different time… as Nova and Darkhawk plummet to the ground landing in front of an Egyptian temple. Standing at the foot of the temple to welcome them is none other than Nova’s enemy, Sphinx. Darkhawk suggests rushing in and attacking Sphinx, but Nova tells him that they have to outsmart Sphinx, not simply “bum rush” him. Sphinx asks Nova if he’s ready to play his part, and when Darkhawk asks what his part is, Sphinx does not answer. Nova concludes that for whatever reason, the Sphinx is not aware of Darkhawk’s presence, as if he can’t even see him. The Sphinx warns Nova that it will be dark soon, and that’s when the Djinns come. When Nova asks what he’s talking about, just then the sand comes alive, and takes the form of an assortment of animal, warrior, humanoids. Sphinx informs Nova that the Djinns are not alive, and that they should be treated with lethal force – but Nova is unable to bring himself to it. Disappointed, the Sphinx teleports away. Darkhawk finds that the Djinns see him just fine and seem obsessed with yanking the Darkhawk amulet from his chest. Nova gives in and uses a grav-pulse to incinerate the Djinn.

Nova and Darkhawk come across an archeological dig site and head down to see if there’s anyone who speaks English that they might be able to get answers from; they’re surprised to meet none other than Reed Richards, Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four!

Upon talking to him, Reed does not recognize Nova’s uniform, to which Nova explains it’s the same uniform from the last time they met during the Skrull Invasion. Reed then explains that he doesn’t recognize Darkhawk at all. Darkhawk pieces it together that Reed was not pulled from the same year they were; that he must have been pulled from a previous time. Reed acknowledges that he is correct, and that he was pulled just after he had first met Nova and they had battled the Sphinx together. Reed then tells both Nova and Darkhawk that they must not share any information about the future and that he must now try and forget the entire conversation about the “Skrull Invasion” – because it could impact his choices to alter the future. Reed informs them that as far as he can tell they have been all pulled to the 1920’s and that there is to be some “contest of gods” that is supposed to take place. Reed also reveals that within one of the temples is a highly advanced machine, that he’s been studying to see why the Sphinx has left it behind. Reed goes on to say as far as he can tell it’s a large time machine that actually allows him to successfully rewrite history. Nova understands that perhaps that’s why Sphinx is here; because the last time they had fought, the Sphinx had been foiled by his own tampering of the time stream. Now he would have a machine that would allow him to rewrite it, and free himself.

At that moment, The Fault appears in the sky once more, and Darkhawk and Nova take off into the air. Nova, however, hits an invisible force field that sends him spiraling back towards the ground. Darkhawk considers going after him to save him, but finds himself confronting several Djinns again.

Dawn has Nova waking up, dazed and still shaken. Reed explains that the men from the dig found Nova several dunes away from the dig. Reed explains that there is no sign of Darkhawk. However, when they go outside, Black Bolt is standing there, coming out of the water, holding a woman that is bandaged nearly from head to toe. Nova is somewhat surprised to see Black Bolt alive and kicking. A large reptilian giant bursts from the water that Black Bolt had just come out of, and Nova jumps into action. Reed tries to stop him, telling him that he can’t handle the creature alone; but Nova assures him that he is not the same “kid” that he met “a month ago.” And with several blasts, Nova takes the giant beast down. Darkhawk arrives and informs them that he has managed to gather some data; this isn’t 1920, and it’s not even Earth that they’re on; but a magically constructed world made by the Sphinx!

While Reed ponders the results of Darkhawk’s findings, Nova unwraps the person that Black Bolt had been carrying… stunned when he removes the cloth around the face to find… Namorita!