Darrion Grobe

Real Name: Darrion Grobe
Aliases: Speedball
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Scientist
Citizenship: American Citizen, with no known criminal record.
Place of Birth: Unrevealed
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Kyle Grobe (Father)
Group Affiliation: New Warriors (formerly)
First Appearance: New Warriors (Vol. 1) #50
History: In the year 2092, in the far distant future – Darrion Globe, a young, aspiring scientist, worked closely with his father, Kyle on a project for a company known as Alchemax. The project involved creating an armor that would allow the person to time travel within the “Time Shell” it would create. Through sheer luck, the two came across the Kinetic Dimension (the same one from which Speedball gets his powers) – and when Darrion recommended using this to time travel, since time did not matter within the Kinetic Dimension; he father refused to listen and proceeded with the project in haste. In doing so, Darrion’s father, Kyle, was swept into the time stream and merged with the time shell – dying in the process – but giving birth to a techno-organic being called Advent.

As Advent, he manipulated the past to change his own future. This caused massive ripples, destroying the time stream. Darrion peered into the Kinetic Dimension and saw Speedball and created a duplicate of the hero – and transferred his consciousness into the body as it returned to Earth. For awhile, Darrion lived successfully as Speedball as he worked to try and find a way to stop Advent. However, even though he was in the body of Speedball – he too was creating ripples in the time stream and eventually drew the attention of Sphinx. Timeslip was with Darrion (who was still in Speedball’s duplicate body) as he died and received all of Darrion’s memories. She gathered the New Warriors and thrust them into the future – the very same one that Darrion was trying to repair himself.

Having predicted his own death, and possibly the future that would come to pass, Darrion had a holographic persona of himself there to help the New Warriors further – and help undo the damage that Advent had done. The team eventually entered the Kinetic Dimension and teamed up with the original Speedball (Robbie Baldwin) and together, there were able to defeat Advent, and return safely home.

With Advent’s defeat, Darrion’s world was once again restored.

Height: (As Darrion) 5’7″, (As Speedball) 5’10”
Weight: (As Darrion) 150lbs, (As Speedball) 170lbs
Eyes: (As Darrion) Brown, (As Speedball) Blue
Hair: (As Harmon) Brown, (As Speedball) Blonde

Powers: As Darrion Grobe, he possessed no super powers. While within the body of the Speedball duplicate, he possessed the same powers as the original Speedball. He had control of the energy from a dimension of kinetic energy gave him the superhuman ability to create a kinetic field of unknown energy around himself which absorbs all kinetic energy directed against him. This absorption can vary from resisting the effects of physical objects such as bricks and rocks to resisting that of energy and fire and even explosions. Within his kinetic field it is nearly impossible for him to be hurt, and he instead bounces harmlessly from object to object, with no loss or transference of momentum.

In the Speedball form, his body is surrounded by a display of multi-colored bubbles. He typically uses the field to slam into his opponents, and the multi-colored light display can be used to distract opponents. After many years, Robbie has learned to extend the kinetic field outward, pushing back everything in his immediate area or, by focusing more locally, delivering more powerful blows in hand-to-hand combat.